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“After graduating from Cuyamaca College with an associate degree in child development, I knew I was prepared to excel in the field of early childhood.  The experiences I had at Cuyamaca gave me the necessary tools to provide a quality program both in the classroom and administratively.”
Jill Griggs, Sycuan Education Department Preschool Coordinator, graduating class of 2000.

Child Development

Class Descriptions

Review the catalog class descriptions PDF for additional details.

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Class Descriptions
Course Name Units
CD-101 Parent education 1
CD-106 Preschool observation and experience 1
CD-110 Parent participation 1
CD-115 Changing American family 3
CD-116 Parent Education II 1
CD-123 Introduction to programs and curriculum
for young children
CD-124 Infant and toddler development 3
CD-125 Child growth and development 3
CD-126 Art for child development 3
CD-127 Science and mathematics for child development 3
CD-128 Music and movement for child development 3
CD-129 Language and literature for child development 3
CD-130 Curriculum: Developmentally appropriate practices 3
CD-131 Child, family and community 3
CD-132 Field experience seminar 3
CD-133 Field experience for child development 2
CD-134 Health, safety and nutrition for teachers of young children 3
CD-135 Parent-child interaction 3
CD-136 Adult supervision: the master teacher’s role 3
CD-137 Administration of child development programs I 3
CD-138 Administration of child development programs II 3
CD-139 Infant/parent development 2
CD-141 Working with children with special needs 3
CD-143 Infant/toddler curriculum 3
CD-145 Child abuse and family violence in our society 3
CD-148 Curriculum for school age child care 3
CD-149 School age child care program planning 3
CD-150 Field experience for school age child care 2
CD-153 Diversity issues in early childhood education 3
CD-157 Food and nutrition for children 3
CD-170 Field experience with infants and toddlers 2
CD-199 Special studies or projects in child development 1-3
CD-200 Introduction to outdoor education programs 1
CD-201 Creative activities for outdoor programs 1
CD-202 Field experience for recreational leadership 1
CD-203 Cooking experiences with young children 1
CD-210 Working with young children with challenging behaviors 3
CD-211 Field experience in early childhood intervention 2
CD-298 Selected topics in child development 1-3
CD-299 Selected topics in child development 1-3
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