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Child Development

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Level Student Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
SLO 1. Integrate the key developmental concepts and teaching strategies into a cogently articulated philosophy of early childhood education and care.
SLO 2. Employ appropriate classroom organizational and management techniques in a variety of early childhood education settings, including the implementation of curriculum that is well planned, developmentally appropriate, and; based on the interests and needs of the children.
SLO 3. Survey, assemble, and expand curricula resources for use in specific early childhood classrooms and centers.
SLO 4.Apply and implement effective and sensitive discipline and guidance strategies directly with children.
SLO 5.Clearly demonstrate the ability to plan child development programs which deliberately intend to advance ,stimulate or otherwise enhance children's physical, intellectual, emotional, an social development in ways which are appropriate to the children's developmental level.
SLO 6. Assess their own professional competence and progress and develop a plan for professional career steps and growth.

Courses assessed

Courses assessed

Courses assessed

  • CD 116
  • CD 123
  • CD 124
  • CD 125
  • CD 127
  • CD 128
  • CD 129
  • CD 130
  • CD 131
  • CD 134
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