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DSPS Learning Disability Assessment

DSPS Learning Disability Specialist Contact Information

Mary Asher-Fitzpatrick

Call For an appointment 619-660-4239

PDSS Learning Disability Assessment Course

Personal Development Special Services 080

Course Description

This course is designed for students to go through various assessments to assess, identify and interpret learning strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of determining eligibility for learning disability services according to the guidelines established by the California Community College Learning Disabilities Model.

The first step in the course is to meet with a learning disabilities specialist to discuss the student's educational and relevant medical histories. The learning disabilities specialist will discuss with each student definitions and characteristics of learning disabilities as well as possible educational implications and subsequent accommodations. The assessment is generally done on a one-to-one basis, and includes tests of cognitive ability and academic achievement. There may be additional assessments given in small groups.

Upon completion of the assessment process, the learning disabilities specialist will determine eligibility for the California Community College Learning Disabilities Model and review with the student the results of the assessment. The review consists of a report detailing cognitive and academic achievement strengths and weaknesses and a discussion of possible academic and/or career implications.

Course Units: .5  CR/NCR only, non-degree applicable

Note to Students

The learning disabilities specialist oversees the entire assessment process; however, class (appointment) times are set up on a to be arranged (TBA) basis. To earn credit, the student must complete every portion of the assessment process.

Revised  March 10, 2010
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