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DSPS Online student orientation

Welcome to the new Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) online student orientation.  There are different versions of the student orientation. Please select the version below that is easiest for you to use and/or access.  There is a small quiz at the end of the orientation, but don't worry, you are not graded on it.  It is our way of knowing that you have completed the orientation and to provide us with feedback.


DSPS Orientations Presentations

Orientation in PDF format: This version of the orientation is created as an accessible PDF document. Being paper based you can download the document and print it out.  You can use many different document readers, including the one already built into Adobe Reader, to have the orientation read to you or you can read it at your own pace.  Please take the post quiz  when finished. 

Narrated PowerPoint Show (approximately 11.4 megabytes): This version opens up as a PowerPoint show, not a presentation. You must save this version first.  This version is self timed, you do not have to advance to the next slide.  However, you can control the advancing of the slides by using the onscreen tools or by pressing on either the space bar or using the up and down arrows on the number pad located on the keyboard.  If you are hearing impaired and/or desire a transcript of the PowerPoint presentation, download the PDF version by clicking on the link above.  Please take the post quiz when finished.

DSPS Orientation Quiz

Orientation Quiz in PDF format please take the 7 question quiz after you finish the orientation.  Again, do not worry, you are not graded on the quiz.  It is our way of knowing that you have completed the orientation and to provide us with feedback

Once you have completed the 7 question quiz, please save your answers to your computer and print it out.  After printing the quiz, please return it to the DSPS office sometime during the semester, the sooner the better, this way you do not forget to turn it in.

Thank you,

DSPS Staff

Revised  March 10, 2010
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