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Dan Hopwood

Phone: (619) 660-4296

Contact for Advisory Committee:

Dan Hopwood

Phone: (619) 660-4296


Environmental Health
and safety management

Advisory Committee

The EHSM Advisory Committee is extremely strong and broad-based, representing nearly 20 San Diego based employers and business groups.

EHSM Advisory Committee members include management and supervisors, spanning a broad spectrum of industries: aerospace, bioscience, construction, Department of Defense, general industry, manufacturing, regulatory agencies and shipyards.

Many EHSM Advisory Committee members have supported EHSM for more than 15 years. Several Advisory Committee members were EHSM students themselves and now offer internships and work experience to EHSM students as a part of their contributions to the program and industry.

Industry Panel Night

EHSM hosts an Industry Panel Night 1-2 times per year to give EHSM students a chance to meet in a dinner/workshop setting with EHS managers throughout the region, providing strength to the program and a tremendous overview of the EHS community needs and requirements.



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