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Dan Hopwood

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Student Comments

“Retiring from the Navy and moving to aerospace was a significant transition. I had a strong safety background from my military experience, but the aerospace companies’ management wanted me to obtain a better understanding of Environmental Management. Since taking classes at Cuyamaca I have a broader understanding of Environmental Management and Occupational Safety as they relate to each other. This understanding of the Environmental Health and Occupational Safety as symbiotic fields has made me a better EH&S Manager and the Cuyamaca College EHSM Department were instrumental in that effort.”

Ken Cleversy, Manager Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Senior Aerospace

Environmental Health and safety management

CLASS Descriptions

Review the catalog class descriptions PDF for additional details.

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Class Descriptions
Course Name Units
EHSM-100 Introduction To Environmental And Occupational Safety And Health (OSH) Technology 4
EHSM-110 Pollution Prevention 3
EHSM-130 Environmental/Occupational Health Effects Of Hazardous Materials 3
EHSM-135 General Industry Safety Standards 3
EHSM-145 Construction Safety Standards 3
EHSM-150 Hazardous Waste Management Applications 4
EHSM-199 Special Studies Or Projects In Environmental Health And Safety Management 1-3
EHSM-200 Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) Applications 4
EHSM-201 Introduction To Industrial Hygiene And Occupational Health 4
EHSM-205 Safety And Risk Management Administration 4
EHSM-210 Industrial Wastewater And Stormwater Management 4
EHSM-215 Air Quality Management 3
EHSM-230 Safety And Emergency Response 4
EHSM-240 Cooperative Work Experience 1-4
EHSM-298 Selected Topics In Environmental Health And Safety Management 1-4
EHSM-299 Selected Topics In Environmental Health And Safety Management 1-4
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  FALL 2012    SPRING 2013    FALL 2013 
  • EHSM 100
  • EHSM 135
  • EHSM 150
  • EHSM 200
  • EHSM 240
  • EHSM 100
  • EHSM 110
  • EHSM 145
  • EHSM 201
  • EHSM 240
  • EHSM 100
  • EHSM 205
  • EHSM 215
  • EHSM 230
  • EHSM 240


Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is a constantly expanding and evolving field with oversight from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA/CalOSHA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). These agencies provide regulations and program requirements that are ever-expanding and evolving.

Cuyamaca College’s EHSM department maintains current, state-of-the-art EHSM technologies, as well as incorporating new and updated regulatory requirements. These program guidelines are implemented into the curriculum and supported by the environmental health and safety industry in San Diego.

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