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Office of Instruction




Under the direction of the Vice President of Instruction, the Office of Instruction provides support, coordination and administrative direction for the instructional unit of the College. Our primary function is to provide support to teaching faculty and coordinate direct instructional activities.

The Office of Instruction Staff is comprised of (1) the Vice President of Instruction and one administrative assistant to the V.P.;  (2) three Deans of Instruction and three administrative assistants;  (3) one  Dean of Learning Resources and Technology and one Administrative Assistant:  (4) one full-time Continuing Education Operations coordinator plus one full-time and two part-time staff;  (5) the Instructional Operations Office that includes one full-time supervisor and one full-time Master Class Scheduler;  and (6) the College Tutoring Center (including the walk-in Math Study Center) with one-full-time coordinator.

The Office of the Vice President publishes a Bulletin each semester that provides a wealth of information for faculty and pertains to the new semester.  The 16 Instructional Departments in Divisions I, II, and Continuing Education and Special Programs comprise the core of Instruction.


Dr. Wei Zhou    
Wei Zhou. Ph.D.
Vice President of Instruction
    Debi Ridulfo
    Debi Ridulfo
Assistant to the Vice President