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Office of Instruction:  Academic Master Planning

Academic Master Planning

Academic planning at Cuyamaca College is a process that is strongly linked to the College vision and Strategic Plan of “Learning for the Future.” Since 1996, the Academic Master Plan Committee has been charged with facilitating and reviewing Department Plans and recommending implementation based on a set of criteria rooted in the College values and strategic goals with the intent of providing broad direction for instruction at the institutional level and specific academic paths at the departmental level. 

The academic planning process is designed to support a faculty-based analysis of existing programs and proposals for specific activities to strengthen quality and/or promote program development.  The process draws on faculty creativity and expertise.  Each year, in October, individual Department Plans are submitted to the Academic Master Plan Committee.  Department Chairs and Coordinators as well as Learning Resource representatives present their plans to the Committee and respond to questions focusing on College priorities, core values, and resource issues.  Utilizing the established Committee criteria, Committee members summarize activities and recommendations. Ultimately, planning outcomes drive the budget development process. 

The entire process is conducted in a shared governance environment. Annual reports are made to the College Academic Senate and the Innovation and Planning Committee. 

Academic Master Plan Committee


Kathryn Nette, Biology Instructor, Co-Chair
Connie Elder, Dean Learning and Technology Resources, Co-Chair

Terrie Nichols, Mathematics Instructor
Therese Botz, American Sign Language Instructor
Carol Lloyd,  CIS Adjunct Instructor
Darlene Spoor, Dean Continuing Education and Economic Development
Teresa McNeil, Articulation Officer/Counselor

Academic Master Planning Committee Perspective:  The committee is charged with annually updating the College Academic Master Plan which is used for budget development, staffing recommendations, and general resource priority setting for operations.

In addition, the Academic Master Plan is a key component in identifying Department instructional computing and technology priorities for the College.  The criteria for instructional technology funding is based upon how well the Department technology proposal:

  • supports curricular goals,

  • demonstrates faculty willingness/readiness to implement,

  • supports college growth,

  • is part of a phased-in project already in progress,

  • is compatible with network infrastructure,

  • assists multiple departments,

  • allows department to achieve current technology,

  • supports long-term solutions using current and emerging technologies,

  • has ability to share resources, and

  • is cost effective.

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