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Office of Instruction:  Curriculum


Curriculum development and the provision of instruction, with all the support services necessary to make that instruction possible, is at the heart of Cuyamaca’s educational mission.  As referenced in the document, The Curriculum Committee: Role, Structure, Duties, and Standards of Good Practice, adopted Fall, 1996 by the Statewide Academic Senate for California Community Colleges:

“The design of curricula needed to carry out that instruction is a primary role of faculty and the major area of [faculty’s] professional expertise… Curriculum renewal and development necessarily reflect the collegial decision to meet student needs for coursework that is encompassed within basic skills, general education, transfer, and major programs of study, which include a wide array of occupational and liberal arts disciplines and areas.  Effective curriculum renewal and development require that the curriculum committee of each college utilize standards of practice that ensure the highest possible quality for the curriculum offerings that can be made available within allocated resources.”

Curriculum, General Education and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee Perspective:  The Curriculum, General Education and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee understands the importance of curricular development and revision and works hard to review and approve all proposals in a timely manner.  All new, modified, and deleted curriculum must be approved by the Governing Board before it is published in the College Catalog.  Publication deadlines are ultimately established to ensure that the College Catalog is printed and available to students prior to the beginning of the next academic year and in accordance with state regulations and sound instructional/student services practices.  Members of the Curriculum, General Education and Academic Policies and Procedures Committee represent all instructional programs and will be more than glad to work with faculty in the development of curriculum proposals.  To view complete course descriptions, please refer to the College Catalogue.

District Policy of Alignment:   Specific to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD), the policy of alignment is central to developing and revising curriculum.  In February 2000, the Governing Board, with the concurrence of both Colleges Academic Senates, adopted a Curriculum Development/Alignment Policy that supports and facilitates students’ achievement of a diverse array of educational goals, including those enumerated above.  To enhance the ability of students to move expeditiously between the colleges of the District, alignment of curriculum is required under certain guidelines.  Basic to the concept of alignment is the anticipation that faculty will communicate and work collegially, especially between counterpart departments/disciplines, in developing curriculum.

Curriculum, General Education and
Academic Policies and Procedures Committee


Pat Setzer, Co-Chair, Exercise Science & Health Education Instructor
Robin Steinback, Co-Chair,  Vice President of Instruction

Lindy Brazil, English Instructor
Bryan Elliott, Mathematics Instructor
Glen Thurman, Astronomy/Physics Instructor
Stephen Weinert, Psychology Instructor
Kristin Zink, Child Development Instructor
Teresa McNeil, Articulation Officer
Danene Brown, Dean of Instruction, Division II
Scott Herrin, Interim Dean of Instruction, Division I (non-voting member)
Jennifer Lewis, Interim Dean of Continuing Education & Special Programs (non-voting member)

Joan Burak, Recorder (non-voting member)


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