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Office of Instruction:  Instructional Council

Instructional Council

The Instructional Council is the advisory council to the Vice President of Instruction on all instructional issues, functions, and activities.  The purpose of this Council is to promote teamwork and joint problem solving among chairs, coordinators and instructional administrators.  This Council acts as a communication link to the rest of the faculty.  One effective way to ensure that faculty instructional issues, functions and activities are brought to the Chair/Coordinator on a regular basis, and that appropriate information from Instructional Council is forwarded back to the faculty in the department, is through regular department meetings.

Instructional Council

Greg Differding, Business & Professional Studies, Co-Chair
Robin Steinback, Vice President of Instruction, Co-Chair
Marie Ramos, Art
Joan Burak, Instructional Operations
Paul Carmona, Humanities, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Chris Branton, Automotive Technology
Gregory Differding, Computer & Information Science and Graphic Design
Mary Graham, Communication Arts
Steve Weinert, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences
Don Schultz, Ornamental Horticulture and Water/Wastewater Technology
Kathryn Nette, Science and Engineering
Scott Eckert, Mathematical Sciences
Donna Riley, Exercise Science and Health Education
Cyrus Saghafi, CADD Technology
Patricia Santana, Foreign Languages
Pat Setzer, Music & Performing Arts
Dan Hopwood, Environmental Health and Safety Technology
Scott Herrin, Interim Dean of Instruction, Division I
Danene Brown, Dean of Instruction, Division II
Jennifer Lewis, Interim Dean of Continuing Education & Economic Development
Connie Elder, Dean Learning and Technology Resources

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