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Office of Instruction:  Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Council

The Instructional Technology Council provides a forum for the discussion of current and emerging technology issues, trends, innovations, changes and needs related to instructional programs. With input from the District’s Information Systems department and Instructional Computing Advisory Committee (ICAC), this council develops and oversees the College Technology Plan, in accordance with the College Academic Master Plan, and will recommend priorities for purchase of instructional computer equipment and software.  

In the past two years, the Council has considered a number of issues and initiatives, including the adoption of the annual College Technology Plan, the proposed new Student Record/and Instructional System (Datatel), and a number of distance learning concerns. As well, the college Instructional Computing and Technical Training Support Services (Help Desk, Teaching/ Learning Center, Web Design and Development, and Cuyamaca Network) provide regular reports and updates to this group.  In spring 2005, a Standards of Good Practice handbook was completed by the Online Teaching and Learning Committee. In Spring 2009, the Online Instructor Certification Policy was completed by the Online Teaching and Learning Committee and adopted by the Academic Senate.

Instructional Technology Council

Taylor Smith, Business & Professional Studies  Instructor, Co-Chair
Connie Elder,  Dean Learning & Technology Resources , Co-Chair

Tim Buckles, Graphic Design Instructor
Pat Newman, Business & Professional Studies  Instructor
Greg Differding, Computer and Information Science Instructor
Dave Raney, Computer and Information Science Instructor
Glen Thurman, Astronomy and Physics Instructor
Scott Eckert, Math Instructor
Lyn Neylon, Communication Arts Instructor
Amaliya Blyumin, Transfer Center Counselor
Cindy Morrin, Student Service, Faculty Member

Rhonda Bauerlein, Instructional Design Technology Specialist

Brian Josephson, DSP&S Counselor
Jeri Resto, Librarian
Scott Herrin, Interim Dean Division I
Henry Eimstad, District IS
Brian Nath, District IS
Dennis Simms, District IS


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