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Office of Instruction:  Program Review

Program Review 

The Instructional Program Review is intended to provide a regular opportunity for each instructional program to evaluate its effectiveness and make appropriate changes to maintain or improve the success of the program.  This process is data-driven and outcomes-based, to ensure that the results of the Program Review will be relevant and useful for each program.  Ultimately, the Program Review process is action-oriented: chairs and coordinators use the Program Review to develop an Action Plan which feeds into the Academic Master Planning process and to the Innovation and Planning Council for planning priorities and budget.  The Program Review process is intended to contribute in a positive way toward the college goals, particularly “Academic Excellence,” by having each program evaluate its success in achieving its intended goals and outcomes. 

After each Program Review has been refined and finalized and the action plan for the department has been determined, the Program Review summary and action plan are forwarded to the following people and shared governance groups:  Department, Academic Senate, Academic Master Planning Committee, Vice President, and the President.  Each Program Review will provide valuable input for the Academic Master Planning process and ultimately to the overall college priorities and budgeting processes through the Innovation and Planning Council. 

Programs under review for 2009-2010 and respective Authors are:

American Sign Language, Therese Botz, Author
Art, Susannah Biondo, Author
Communication Arts, Nancy Jennings, Author
Foreign Languages, Patricia Santana, Author
Personal Development Counseling, Cindy Morrin, Author

Program Review Committee

Ted Chandler, CIS Instructor, Co-chair
Madelaine R. Wolfe, Dean of Instruction, Co-chair
Pat Setzer, Performing Arts Instructor
Alicia Munoz, ESL Instructor
Cheryl Redgrave, Office of Instruction Support

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