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Office of Instruction:  Instructional Technology Resources

Instructional Technology Resources

Cuyamaca College 2013-2014

Committee Structure and Involvement:  There is a shared governance technology committee structure at Cuyamaca College that drives almost all long and short term plans and decisions related to technology. 

The Instructional Technology Council provides a forum for the discussion of current and emerging technology issues, trends, innovations, changes and needs related to instructional programs. It is comprised of representatives from District Information Systems, Learning and Technology Resources, faculty, and staff but all interested members of the campus community are urged to attend meetings.  It meets the second Friday of each month from 1:30 – 2:30.  There is typically a brown bag learning session immediately prior to this meeting on a technology of interest to faculty.

The Technology Plan Committee recommends how all available funds for instructional technology should be disbursed each year.  Academic departments indicate their technology needs through the Academic Master Plan and the Technology Plan Committee evaluates and ranks these needs.  It is composed of faculty representatives and the Dean of Learning and Technology Resources. Meeting times and dates are determined by faculty teaching schedules.

The Online Learning Committee makes recommendations regarding online class components and criteria and other related issues, recommends faculty and student support needs, recommends standards of good practice and quality control and recommends technology standards and implementation guidelines (training needed for online and qualifications).  It meets the 2nd Friday of each month from 10:00 – 12:00.

Teaching Online Courses:  The Online Learning Committee strongly urges department chairs and coordinators to require some kind of certification before scheduling an instructor to teach an online course.  One of the recommendations for certification is to take the online course, ED 214, on “Developing an Online Course”.  This course is offered every Fall semester by Grossmont College and every Spring semester by Cuyamaca College.

Blackboard Course Management System: This is the only District provided and supported CMS.

Requesting Containers:

Training:  Rhonda Bauerlein regularly conducts workshops in a variety of instructional technology areas, including the effective use of Blackboard as a supplement to classroom instruction or as an online course management tool.  Rhonda has created a Blackboard online course on how to use Blackboard (“Teaching With Blackboard”) and she will add any interested faculty as students in the class. She is also available, by appointment, to assist individual faculty with Blackboard related issues. 

Help Desk:  Help desk personnel are prepared to answer the majority of questions related to Blackboard.  See access information in the next section.

Getting Help:  The best way to get assistance with virtually any technology-related issue or problem is to contact the help desk by emailing or calling 660-4395.  If you send an email it will go to the Help Desk Technician, the Web and Technology Support Specialist, the Instructional Design Technology Specialist, and the Dean of Learning and Technology Resources.  When you call the help desk it will be answered by either the Help Desk Specialist or the Web and Technology Support Specialist, or it will go to a District Information System phone tree staffed by a variety of technical support personnel.  Your request will be evaluated and either an immediate effort will be made to fix the problem or it will be placed on an online task list.  You are strongly urged to contact the help desk to report problems rather than contacting any individual because your request is assured a) to be documented, b) to reach a person capable of fixing it, and c) help desk personnel are aware of how to access all available resources at any given moment.

Smart classroom equipment:  Almost all of our classrooms have a computer, DVD/VCR player and data projector available.  In many cases the technology is locked in a cabinet and keys can be obtained from Pam Lawless at extension 4234.  If the equipment is not functioning properly, please contact the help desk.  If you are not able to reach a person to get immediate assistance, there are a couple of smart carts available to be checked out from the LRC.  Unfortunately, this has to be done in person.  If the problem occurs during the evening or on a Saturday, the lab technicians in the H: building may be able to assist you.

Creating a webpage: Contact Rocky Rose (see below) for assistance in getting a personal web page established to support your teaching.

Office computer access:  There are a number of offices that provide computer and work area access for adjunct faculty.  They include: H135, B267, and F625

Lab access for students

Open Lab:  Located in the ground floor mall of the H building, this lab is available to all students to work on college and course related material. 

The Living Room:  Located on the 2nd floor of the LRC, this room contains 12 computers that may be used to support coursework or to engage in social networking (e.g. FaceBook or MySpace).

The Writing Center: Located in B167 in the Communication Arts Building.  This is available for all students working on writing projects.

Specialized Labs and software (CIS, CADD, GD, Supervised Tutoring):  Many disciplines offer 298 (Supervised Tutoring) classes that allow students to work on projects using equipment and software specific to their courses. 

Library Instruction Lab:  This is a teaching lab used primarily by the librarians to provide library instruction to classes.  However, if you need a computer lab once or twice a semester to support your teaching, this is available for this purpose.  To reserve the LIL, contact Sandy Beasley at 660-4405.

Support Personnel Contact Information:

Deanna Thompson, Help Desk Specialist, 660-4295

Rocky Rose, Web and Technology Support Specialist, 660-4466

Rhonda Bauerlein, Instructional Design Technology Specialist, 660-4013

Cindy Bourget, Instructional Media Services Coordinator, 660-4415

Kerry Kilber-Rebman, Dean of Learning and Technology Resources, 660-4400

Network Support Personnel: Steve To, Joe Souza, Robert Mountain

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