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Accreditation 2013

Visiting Team - Biographies and Pictures

Dr. Jeffery LambDr. Jeffrey Lamb
Dean, School of English and Foreign Languages
City College of San Francisco, Ocean Campus

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Dr. Jeffrey Lamb recently started as the Dean of English and Foreign Languages at City College of San Francisco. Prior to that, he was the Interim Dean for Liberal Arts and the Dean for Academic Success and Learning Resources at Solano Community College. He has over 18 years of experience as faculty teaching Spanish at public, private, and international institutions. Dean Lamb served as Academic Senate President and Accreditation Liaison Officer at Solano College. This is his second site visit team experience.

Dr. Lamb holds a doctorate in 20th Century Latin American Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles, a master’s degree in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from San Diego State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from California State University, Long Beach. Back

Revised  September 18, 2013
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