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Meet the Team: Assistant Dean, EOPS / CARE


Wendy Craig



  CARE Coordinator/EOPS Counselor
CARE/UP! Student Services Specialist
EOPS Adjunct Counselors
EOPS Counselor
EOPS Peer Advisor
EOPS Student Services Specialist
  Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)
Extended Opportunities Program & Services (EOPS)
Unlimited Potential!  (UP!)
Committee Responsibilities:
  On Campus:
  Administrative Council
  Child Development Advisory Committee
  EOPS/CARE Advisory Committee
  Staff Development Committee
  Student Services Advisory Committee
  Student Services Managers Committee
  Student Services Program Review & Planning Committee
  Transfer Center
  Workforce Development Council

Off Campus
  Cal SOAP Board Memeber
  College Connection (County Office of Education)
  El Cajon Collaborative
  EOPS Directors & Coordinators - Region X
  Guardian Scholars (County Office of Education)

Statewide Membership:
  EOPS Chancellor's Office Regional Coordinator's Representative
EOPS Association

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