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Meet the Team: Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Dr. Lauren Vaknin

Jessica Yakou
Administrative Assistant



  Health Educator
Health Services Clerical Assistant
Health Services Nurse
Health Services Supervisor
High School & Community Relations
Student Affairs Staff
Student Center Staff
Student Government
  Associated Students of Cuyamaca College Snack Bar
Associated Student Government Advisor
Campus Bulletin Boards
Campus Clubs
Campus Vendors
Class and Student Issues
College Hour
Health and Wellness Center
Student Activities
Student Advocacy
Student Affairs Office
Student Benefit Coyote Card
Student Center
Student Discipline and Conduct
Student Fee Deferral Agreements
Student Government
Student Government and Student Trustee Elections
Student Grievance & Due Process
Student Leadership Development
Committee Responsibilities:
  Administrative Council
Bookstore and Food Services Advisory Committee
Commencement Committee (Chair)
Crisis Response Team Member
Discipline Hearing Committee
Districtwide Calendar Committee
Districtwide Student Services Initiatives Committee
Districtwide Student Services Think Tank Committee
Late Add Petitions Committee
Scholarship Awards Committee
Student Services Advisory Council
Student Services Managers Committee
Tobacco Initiative Task Force
Waste Management Ad Hoc Committee
Statewide Membership:
  California Community College Student Affairs Association (CCCSAA)
California Student Association of Community Colleges (CalSACC)

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