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Meet the Team: Dean of Continuing Education & Workforce Training

Picture of Jennifer Lewis, Dean - Continuing Education and Workforce Training

Jennifer Lewis

Cindy Emerson
Administrative Assistant


  Academic Programs  
    Community Education
    Non-Credit Education
     College for Kids
     Environmental Training Center
     Center for Innovation (Workforce Development Grants)
   AB 86 Adult Education Consortium
Intergenerational Garden
Project SHINE
Proposition 39 "Clean Energy Workforce Program"
Sustainable Infrastructure (IDRC)
Sustainable Supply Chain (IDRC)
Workforce Innovation Partnership
Workforce Investment Act, Title II Program: Adult Education & Family Literacy Act   

  Coordinates Class Schedule
Promotes Economic & Workforce Development through Educational Opportunities
Manages Contract Education
Resolves Class & Student Issues
Oversees Instructional Operations
Monitors Educational Policy/Procedures & Compliance
Assists Noncredit Students to Matriculate into College Level Coursework or Workforce
Hires & Orients New Faculty
Assures Faculty & Staff Contract Compliance
Facilitates Noncredit FTES (MIS) Reporting
Leads Grant Management Team
Approves the PREVIEW  (Continuing Education class schedule)
Maintains Noncredit Curriculum Inventory
Manages Enrollment

Committee Responsibilities:
  Administrative Council
CEWT Advisory Committee
Curriculum Committee
Dean's Council
District Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Environmental Sustainability Committee
Instructional Council
Instructional Program Review & Planning Committee (IPRPC)
Student Success & Basic Skills Committee
Workforce Development Committee

Community Membership:
  Association of Community & Continuing Education
Association of Community College Administrators
California Community College Association for Occupational Educators
East County Manufacturing & Workforce Subcommittee
San Diego Workforce Development Council - Region 10n
San Diego Workforce Partnership Youth Council


Dean, Continuing Education &
Workforce Training Org Chart

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