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  Admissions and Records - Enrollment Verifications

How do I verify my Enrollment through EnrollmentVerify?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Order-Track-Verify tab shown below. Click on Verify Degrees, Enrollment & Certifications link.

  4. The requestor will choose Current Enrollment to verify a student’s attendance. Type in the appropriate school (Please note for students attending both Cuyamaca and Grossmont College, the Student Clearinghouse will takes in account your overall unit count at both colleges in determining your enrollment status: full-time, part-time, etc.) They would provide the name and DOB of the student as shown below.

  6. The requestor would then pay and submit the verification on this page as shown.
Once the verification has been submitted, the requestor will receive an EnrollmentVerify certificate showing the enrollment status of the student, or one showing we were unable to confirm, or that the student is not enrolled.

Please click here to view a sample enrollment verification
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Revised  March 30, 2014
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