Step 1 - Apply Online

  • Start early! Steps 1 through 5 must be completed before you register. See the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.
  • Before you can register for classes, you must fill out an application to the college. This can be done online and it is free!
  • Visit the Admissions and Records website to find out additional information about being admitted to Cuyamaca College.

Step 2 - Send Your Transcripts

  1. If you have attended another college, have your official transcripts or documents sent to the Admissions & Records office at Cuyamaca College to clear prerequisites, and to award prior credit for degrees and certificates.
  2. If you took AP classes in high school, please have College Board send your test scores to the Admissions & Records office.

Step 3 - Online Orientation

  1. Complete the Online Orientation prior to taking your assessment test.
  2. To get the earliest new student registration date, you must complete the Online Orientation (Step 3), Assessment (Step 4), and Online Advising (Step 5) in that order.

Step 4 - Take English and Math Assessment Test

  1. Visit the Exemptions page to find out if you are exempt from taking the test.
  2. Please visit the Assessment page to find out how to make an assessment appointment and for further information.

Step 5 - New Student Advising

  1. Complete Online Advising after completing the Online Orientation (Step 3) and Assessment (Step 4).
  2. If you are exempt from taking the Assessment, and have course work from another institution, you may see a counselor.
  3. Check the Counseling page for more information.

Step 6 - Register and Pay Fees

  1. Register for classes online using WebAdvisor on your registration date and time.
  2. WebAdvisor online tutorials are available to assist you.
  3. Your registration is not complete until your tuition and fees are paid.  Students are dropped for non-payment of fees.

Step 7 - Attend Classes

  1. Find your classrooms on the campus map.
  2. Students taking online classes access them through Blackboard on the day the class starts.