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Serving Those Who Serve Us

Cuyamaca’s Veterans Services is a comprehensive student success program that requires multi-department coordination between Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Disabled Students Programs and Services, and General Counseling.

New Veterans Students

Welcome Home

Veterans and other eligible dependents receiving educational benefits under Chapter: 30, 33, 35, 1606 and 1607, who have never used their VA educational benefits and would like to complete an application for benefits should contact Debbie Ayers in the Admissions and Records Office prior to registering for classes.

Students must bring copies of all DD 214s. Those veterans receiving benefits under the conversion from the Vietnam Era to the Montgomery GI Bill will need to bring copies of all DD 214s, and if applicable, complete VA form 21-686C, Declaration of Status of Dependents, listing all dependents. Students who have prior educational training must provide official transcripts to Cuyamaca College from all colleges, universities, and/or training institutes during the first semester of attendance.

Veteran Chapters Checklist

NOTE: VA will not cover out-of-state tuition.  Non-resident students are notified by email when they apply to the college.  Please contact the Admissions and Records office if you are not sure of your residency status.

For information regarding obtaining your military transcripts, please use the following links:


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