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Cuyamaca’s Veterans Services is a comprehensive student success program that requires multi-department coordination between Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Disabled Students Programs and Services, and General Counseling.

College Scholarships for Military veterans

In April 2014, The Marines' Memorial Association, an organization that is open to veterans of all military branches who served honorably in the military, will award $35,000 in scholarships to military veterans.  A membership with The Marines' Memorial Association is not required  for applicants of The Hammer Family Scholarship and The Marines Memorial Tribute Scholarship.

The scholarship application deadline date is April 23, 2014.

Here are 2 of the Scholarship Funds Available for Veterans
THE HAMMER FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP - (5) of these scholarships are available in the amount of $5,000 each. All eligible U.S. Veterans who wish to study in the fields of Math, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering (Aerospace, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials, or Mechanical) are welcome to apply. James and Linda Hammer are Benefactor Members of the Marines' Memorial Association and are eager to assist student Veterans committed to advancing their education.

Link to The Hammer Family Scholarship online Application -

THE MARINES' MEMORIAL TRIBUTE SCHOLARSHIP - (4) Scholarships are available in the amount of $2,500 each. The Marines Memorial Tribute Scholarship is available for military personnel leaving full time service and entering an undergraduate college program. All US military personnel who have transitioned from Active Duty to reserve or civilian status within the past 3 years may apply.

Link to The Marines' Memorial Tribute Scholarship online Application:

For More Information Call The Marines' Memorial Association Scholarship Help Desk at: 415-830-9820


The Marines Memorial Association is a nonprofit Veterans Organization that has been operating the Marines Memorial Club since 1946. The goal of the organization is to pay tribute to the military Veterans who have served our Country in wars.

The Marines Memorial Club in San Francisco, California at 609 Sutter Street, is a private social club for United States Marines and other veterans of the United States Armed Forces. The nonprofit Marines Memorial Association owns the large building in the Union Square neighborhood of San Francisco that houses a hotel, theater, restaurant/bar, sports club, special event facilities, library, museum, memorial, and a military history bookstore.

The Marines Memorial was opened as a club for veterans of the Marines, although membership is open to all United States servicemen and servicewomen.  Early in 1946, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Alexander A. Vandegrift, had proposed a "living memorial" to Marine casualties from the War in the Pacific. A group of Marines arranged to buy a building owned by a women's club at Mason Street and Sutter Street in San Francisco, whose members they had met through their participation in the wartime WAVES program. The club opened on November 10, 1946, the anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps.

The theater predates the club, and was part of the original 1926 building. In its early days it hosted nationwide radio broadcasts by Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra. It later housed the San Francisco Actor's Workshop, which produced plays by Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Bertholt Brecht. It was also the first home of the American Conservatory Theater.


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