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Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College


A reminder from ASGCC:



In an effort to prevent the serious health risks associated with exposure to second-hand smoke, Cuyamaca College is going smoke-free beginning January 1, 2009.

GCCCD Governing Board Policy BP 6810



Cuyamaca College supports the organization of students known as the Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC).   This Association promotes the following objectives:

To serve as an active student voice in the operation of the college, including both shared governance and the management of student activities.

To provide an opportunity for leadership experience and training for students.

To enhance, wherever possible, the general excellence of the college, uniting the interests of all persons - faculty, administration, local residents and students.



Since virtually all major decisions made at Cuyamaca College affect students in some way, student input to the various decision-making bodies is relevant, necessary and welcomed.  The ASGCC has adopted a constitution which established an organized "student voice" at Cuyamaca College.  This "voice" is facilitated by the ASGCC and is a critical constituency among the college governance structure.



The ASGCC cooperates with and supports departments and special-interest groups to the cultural awareness of all persons on the campus.  Typical programs include: Black History, Latin Heritage, Native American Awareness, Multi-cultural Experience, Disability Day, musical and dramatic programs, art shows and many other outstanding cultural programs.  These programs are all open to all members of the college and community.



A Student Benefit Card may be purchased for $12 at the Cashiers Office. This card entitles a student to free admission to all college-sponsored athletic events, 10% off all supplies and important products from the College Bookstore, as well as special college and community discounts. You may also use your Student Benefit Card for discounts at the ASGCC Snack Bar located in the front of the Gym (D-Building).

This card not only benefits you, but it allows the ASGCC to support different activities and programs on campus.

For additional information, please contact the Student Center at (619) 660-4273. You may also visit the ASGCC Office located in I-125 in the lower level of the Student Center. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. ASGCC General Meetings are held each Friday during the semester from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in I-125.




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