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Student Organizations and Clubs


Student Club Meember Quilting Students and QuitBecoming involved with student organizations is a great opportunity to expand your leadership skills, supplement your overall classroom experiences, and network with campus faculty, staff, and administrators. Participating in student organizations also provides opportunities for you to gain experiential learning skills and build your resume while running meetings, delegating tasks, managing budgets, and coordinating events. Getting involved with student organizations can help you better engage in campus life and enhance your overall student experience.

With more than 25 student organizations at Cuyamaca College there are numerous choices, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always start your own organization. There are many opportunities for every student to get involved at Cuyamaca College. For more information, please contact Dr. Lauren Vaknin, Associate Dean of Student Affairs at 619-660-4295 or you can always stop by the Student Affairs Office (I-120).  Get involved NOW!

ASL Student Club Group Shot Club Abled on the Grand Lawn

  Student Organizations:  

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
     Advisor: Timothy Buckles 619-660-4380


American Society of Landscape Architects
     Advisors: Don Schultz  619-660-4023
                  John Thomas 619-462-4262                 


ASCC Floral Program
     Advisors: Susan Butler 619-660-4262
John Thomas 619-462-4262
                  Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Cuyamaca College Mascot - The Coyotes  Associated Student Government of Cuyamaca College (ASGCC)
     Advisor: Dr. Lauren Vaknin 619-660-4295
     Student President: Jaclyn Marlow 619-660-4274


Automotive Club
Advisor: Jim Custeau 619-660-4334


Azteca Soccer Club
Advisor: Jesus Miranda 619-660-4435


Advisor: Kim Dudzik 619-660-4593


     Advisor: Scott Eckert 619-660-4373


Christian Club
     Advisor: Scott Eckert 619-660-4373


     Advisor: Mary Asher-Fitzpatrick 619-660-4236
     Co-Advisor: Margaret Jones 619-660-4529


     Advisors: Lauren Halsted  619-660-4022
                  Larissa Dorman


Cuyamaca College American Sign Language Association (CCASLA)
     Advisors: Dr. A. Therese Botz  619-660-4214
                  Kelley J. Nielsen 619-660-4214


Cuyamaca Art Club
     Advisor: Marie Ramos 619-660-4255


Cuyamaca Association of Paralegal Students (CAPS)
     Advisor: Mary Sessom 619-660-4362


Cuyamaca College Botanical Society (CCBS)
John Thomas  619-660-4262
                  Don Schultz    619-660-4023


Cuyamaca College Environmental Tech Association
     Advisor: Rick Wilson, EHSM Program Coordinator  619-660-4296


Engineering Club
     Advisor: Dr. Duncan McGehee 619-660-4242


     Advisor: Nora Hinsley  619-660-4797


Floristry Club
     Advisors: Susan Butler  619-660-4262
 John Thomas 619-462-4262
                  Don Schultz  619-660-4023



Inter-Club Council (ICC)
     Advisor: Lauren Vaknin 619-660-4295


     Advisors: Nancy Jennings  619-660-4319                      


     Co-Advisors: Lilia Pulido  619-660-4434


Native American Student Alliance
     Co-Advisors: Nora Hinsley  619-660-4797
                       Maria Gearhart  619-660-4419


Ornamental Horticulture/CBS OH Dept Support
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Ornamental Horticulture Golf Tournament
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Ornamental Horticulture Scholarship
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Ornamental Horticulture Scholarship Banquet
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Ornamental Horticulture Turf Seminar
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023


Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter)
     Advisor: Lisa Chaddock 619-660-3033

Philosophy Club
Advisor: Courtney Hammond 619-660-4594
Psychology Club
    Advisors: Steve Weinert


Student Obtaining Success (S.O.S.)
    Advisors: Ryan Shumaker
                 Jesus Miranda


Student Veteran Organization
    Advisors: Nicole Jones 619-660-4427               



Urban Forest Field (Spring Garden Festival)
Advisors: John Thomas 619-462-4262
                 Don Schultz  619-660-4023

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