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Student Comments

"..fall in love with ASL...":

"Cuyamaca College has an amazing ASL program with so many inspiring instructors that it becomes so natural for every student to just fall in love with ASL and Deaf Culture.  It's those classes that you always look forward to going to."

> Lena Nakkash, Cuyamaca College graduate

Lena Nakkash



" interactive learning environment...":

"The exceptional faculty of the Cuyamaca College American Sign Language program create an interactive learning environment, reaching auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners through the application of group activities, innovative lesson plans and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology."

> Kelsey Martinez, Cuyamaca College ASL III Student

Kelsey Martinez

American Sign Language (ASL)

CLASS Descriptions

Review the catalog class descriptions PDF for additional details.

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Class Descriptions
Course Name Units
ASL 120 American Sign Language I 4
ASL 121 American Sign Language II 4
ASL 125 ASL With Infants and Toddlers 1
ASL 126 ASL With School Age Children 1
ASL 198 Supervised Tutoring 0
ASL 220 American Sign Language III 4
ASL 221 American Sign Language IV 4
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Revised  September 05, 2012
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