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  Assessment - Math Placement
  Assessment Center at Cuyamaca College

Make an Appointment through WebAdvisor

To make an assessment appointment:.

  • Login to WebAdvisor
  • Click the Students tab
  • Click the Assessment/Advising Appointment Scheduling link

Note: Non-native English speakers are strongly recommended to take the ESL assessment test.

Practice Tests

Practice Tests

Coyote Logo To better prepare for the assessment test, please take the time to practice for the math/English/esl placement test.

Assessment Scores

Get your Assessment Results

cap and gown picture Assessment results are available on WebAdvisor. Please login and click on "Recommended Placement"


Office: Assessment Center
One-Stop Center
Building A213
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Phone: (619) 660-4426
Assessment Specialist: Marcella Brown

Who has to take a Math Placement Test?

    All students who are not exempt and plan to register for a Mathematics class at Cuyamaca College must take the applicable test to provide proof of skill level. There are 5 different tests, each one measuring your ability to enter different courses.


Which Math Placement test should I take?

    (Click on the course to get specific information about that course.)


    The Algebra Readiness Test measures your abilities to see if you are ready for a first course in Algebra - Math 90. If it determines you are NOT ready, you could then take Math 80 or 88. Take the Algebra Readiness Test if

    • You had no high school algebra.
    • or you had 1 year of high school algebra or the equivalent.
    • and/or your last course was high school algebra where you made below a "C" grade
    • and/or it has been three or more years since your last math class.


    The Elementary Algebra Test determines if you are ready to enter an intermediate

    algebra course, either Math 103 or 110. Take the Elementary Algebra Test if

    • You had 2 or more years of high school algebra or the equivalent
    • and you received a grade of “C” or better in your last math course
    • and you completed your last math course within the last two years.


    The Intermediate Algebra Test determines if you are ready to take a transfer level course, Math 120 or Math 160 (Statistics).


    The Pre-Calculus Readiness Test determines if you are ready to take a

    Pre-Calculus course, Math 170 (Trigonometry), Math 175, or 176.


Who might be exempt from taking a math placement test?

    You may be exempt from taking the Grossmont College assessment test if you can provide documentation of any of the following:

    1. A Math assessment at City, Mesa, Miramar, Palomar, Mira Costa, Southwestern, or Imperial Valley Colleges. Provide course recommendation to the Assessment Office, 70-202.

    2. Math AP exam with a 3, 4, or 5. Provide AP scores to the Counseling Center, room 58-F.

    3. A college level Math course with a C or better. Provide a transcript to the Counseling Center in 58-F.

    4. Early Assessment Placement - Provide your EAP letter showing - "Ready for CSU - Level Mathematics courses".


How will placement testing help me?

    An assessment process helps us to place students in classes where they can succeed without having to retake courses or take more courses than necessary.


Should I review for the test?

    We strongly advise you to review the concepts and hone your skills before taking a test. Otherwise, you might not get an accurate placement. It is also important to take the correct test for your skill level.


Ok then, how do I review for the test?

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