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Welcome to Cuyamaca College Athletics' Academic Support

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Service Mission

Our philosophy is to support our student athletes in reaching their full potential. In addition, we offer academic support programs that will assist all student athletes with their transition into college life. This comprehensive support continues throughout the student athlete's collegiate career until the student receives a diploma; acquire a job or transfers to a four-year university.

The Cuyamaca College Academic Support Staff’s mission is to create an environment in which our student athletes are assisted in reaching their full academic and athletic potential.  We will offer academic support programs designed to foster classroom success, resulting in graduation.  We will also assist in the student athletes’ transfer to the four-year university level by acting as a partner in the process; helping them navigate transfer requirements and necessary documentation.


Cuyamaca College Athletic Academic Support Office

Athletic Academic Advising - AAA

Individual Services

Initial Meeting:

In their initial meeting with the advisor, the student athlete will design a plan to achieve their academic and transfer goals. 

Follow-up Meetings:

In follow-up meetings, the student athlete’s progress will be compared to their academic and transfer goals.  Adjustment to their academic or transfer plan will be initiated, if necessary, as well as recommendations for academic support service appointments (tutoring, testing, or remediation).

Academic Support Services

Academic Tracking:

The AAA office monitors student athlete's standing twice during each semester. The first check is a mid semester progress report sent to the student athlete's instructor. Feedback from this progress report is shared with both the individual student athletes and their head coaches. Final grades are also reviewed at the end of the semester to determine progress towards matriculation and assist in academic planning for the following semester.

Study table:

The AAA office will supervise a dedicated study environment. It will provide student athletes with an atmosphere which is conductive to university level study.


The AAA office will serve as a liaison between the student athletes and the Cuyamaca College tutoring center. The tutoring center offers tutoring at no cost. Tutoring is available in a variety of subjects in both academic and vocational programs. There are study groups and individual tutoring available. 


The Cuyamaca College Athletic Academic Advising Office will refer any student athletes in need special assistance to the Disabled Student Program Services. The DSPS office will help the student athletes to maximize independence and educational opportunities by providing support services, eliminating barriers, and promoting access for students with disabilities.

Transfer Assistance

The AAA office will provide:

Assistance with NCAA transfer regulations
Identifying transfer requirements
Assistance with the alignment of Cuyamaca College coursework with transfer school’s curriculum
Assistance with requisite transfer documentation intended transfer institution

Counseling Services

Academic Counseling services will be provided through Cuyamaca College Counseling Office
Academic Counselors will assist the student athletes with completion of their Individual Education Plan (I.E.P)

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