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Welcome to Cuyamaca College Student-Athlete Academic Award
Athletic Academic Advisor : David Dominguez

Cuyamaca College Mascot - The Coyote

Service Mission


In the fall 2007 semester the athletic department began a new recognition program called the Cuyamaca Student-Athlete Academic Award.  The department will present this award to any full-time student certified as a varsity athlete who achieved a grade point average of 3.0 and above for the semester. These awards are designed to be another tool in recognizing and encouraging student-athlete achievement in the classroom.  In the future we will implement other programs and ideas with the same goal.  The ultimate objective with this new award program and future programs is to improve student-athlete retention and graduation.



  Kenneth Bradford Men's Basketball
  Aharon Mims Men's Basketball
  Kurstyn Simmons Women's Basketball
  Josephine Zomayah Women's Basketball
  Jorge Castillo Men's Golf
  Takahiro Omoto Men's Golf
  Fredrick Fells Men's Track and Field
  Gian Marroquin Men's Track and Field
  Damien Smith Men's Track and Field
  Luis Ward Men's Track and Field
  Mike Tarver Men's Track and Field
  Sade Burrell Women's Track and Field
  Stephanie Cook Women's Track and Field
  Megan Haskins Women's Track and Field
  Kari Hubert Women's Track and Field
  Ochs Braelynn Women's Track and Field
  Megan Ruise Women's Track and Field
  Chelesea Staub Women's Track and Field  4.0
  Sarah Stueb Women's Track and Field
  Kalodiah Tomo Women's Track and Field  4.0
  Sachiho Kominami Women's Tennis
  Sara Lagili Women's Tennis  4.0
  Rachael Pearl Women's Tennis
  Lauren Wells Women's Tennis


  Jake Schneider Men's Cross Country
  Kyle Fox Men's Cross Country
  Marisela Espinoza Women's Cross Country
  Hannah Lettau Women's Cross Country
  Jennifer Lopez Women's Cross Country
  Kalodiah Toma Women's Cross Country  4.0
  Barrett Braun Men's Basketball
  Jessica Duckershen Women's Soccer
  Kimberly Lasalle Women's Soccer
  Brittany Stephens Women's Soccer
  Amber Webb Women's Soccer  4.0
  Jessica Dunn Women's Volleyball


  Jake Schneider Men's Cross Country
  Jamie Mariere Women's Cross Country
  Viktoras Asaciovas Men's Basketball
  Tim Burch Men's Basketball
  Roger Davis Men's Basketball
  Brandon Fountain Men's Basketball
  Martin Graham Men's Basketball
  Nick Taylor Men's Basketball
  Lena Allos Women's Basketball
  Amelia Boot Women's Basketball
  Ashley Groon Women's Basketball
  Katie Michaelson Women's Basketball
  Kelsey Barker Women's Soccer
  Lindsay Emerson Women's Soccer
  Brittany Greenhalgh Women's Soccer
  Leticha Gurrero Women's Soccer
  Caroline Margullis Women's Soccer
  Leann Medlinger Women's Soccer
  Amber Webb Women's Soccer
  Edmond Barkho Men's Soccer
  Luke Bartel Men's Soccer
  Ryan Colmen Men's Soccer
  John Ferens Men's Soccer
  Anderias Hanna Men's Soccer
  Mateusz Ferens Men's Soccer
  Jeff Harns Men's Soccer
  George Johnson Men's Soccer
  Bret Tollgaard Men's Soccer
  Molly Becker Women's Volleyball
  Sarah Harris Women's Volleyball
  Ashley Welter Women's Volleyball
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