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  Game Recap 2013-14 Season  
2/20/14 Cuyamaca -- After losing to Southwestern for a second time last Friday, Cuyamaca was eliminated from playoff consideration.  However, as they traveled to Imperial Valley the Coyotes were trying to secure a tie for second place in the new PCAC South division.  The Coyotes jumped out to an early lead behind back to back three point shots by Shane Dillon (6 pts & 2 assists).  Unfortunately for the Coyotes, Dillon suffered an ankle sprain that would knock him out of the game.  Tim Pace (9 pts) led the scoring and helped the Coyotes tie the score at the half 30-30.  In the second half, IVC began with a 8-0 run.  Garrett Larch-Miller (15 pts & 9 rebs) helped cut the lead to 48-53 with four minutes to play.  When Terrence Cole (10 pts & 6 assists) was fouled with 25 seconds to play, his two made free throws gave the Coyotes a 56-55 lead.  The Coyotes tried to trap IVC's pick and roll.  IVC drove the ball after the trap and found their post player inside.  Manny Hernandez (7 rebs) blocked his shot with 3 seconds to play.  The ball bounded into an IVC players hands and his 5 foot hook shot gave them a 57-56 lead with one second to play. 
2/18/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes traveled to Mira Costa to play their last cross over PCAC game.  Cuyamaca had struggled at Mira Costa in the recent years.  The Coyotes got off to a fast start behind Tim Pace (15 pts), Shane Dillon (13 pts) and an aggressive Tyrone Huiett (9 pts).  Cuyamaca played excellent defense, shared the ball and completely controlled the tempo in the first half to take an impressive 39-17 lead into intermission.  The Coyotes knew that Mira Costa would make a run in the first five minutes of the second half so they would need to continue to play smart, aggressive and together.  Unfortunately for the Coyotes, Mira Costa hit 5 three point shots in the first 6 minutes of the half to cut the lead in half.  The Coyotes got in foul trouble, stopped rotating on defense and allowed the Mira Costa press to speed them up.  Dillon found Jeff Bartley (19 pts) on a post score to push the Coyote lead to 64-56 with 7 minutes to play.  The Coyotes fouled Mira Costa who made their free throws while Cuyamaca began missing critical free throws.  After a Mira Costa 3 point shot cut the Cuyamaca lead to 72-70 with 55 seconds to play, the Coyotes would need to handle the press and make their free throws.  Sophomore guards Terrence Cole (9 pts) and Garrett Larch-Miller (9 pts) went 6 for 6 from the free throw line to help the Coyotes clinch a 78-70 victory.
2/14/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (3-3) faced off at Southwestern in a battle for second place in the PCAC South division.  The last time the Coyotes faced Southwestern, Southwestern had 20 offensive rebounds for 21 points.  The Coyotes game plan was to box-out, rebound and play solid team defense.  At the 12 minute mark in the first half, the Coyotes were leading 14-13 and executing their two goals.  Then for the next 7 minutes the Coyotes could not score and allowed Southwestern to dominate the boards and score easy driving shots.  Garrett Larch-Miller (14 pts) made a FG at the 4:48 mark to end the 20-0 Southwestern run.  The Coyotes cut the lead to 27-44 behind Terrence Cole (18 pts) and Jeff Bartley (15 pts) at half.  The first 5 minutes of the second half would be crucial for the Coyotes.  Although the effort and defensive intensity increased in the second half, the Coyotes could not make any shots.  For the game, Cuyamaca made 16 FG's while Southwestern made 31.  Coyotes lose 64-82.
2/12/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (2-3) played their last home game of the 2013-14 season against SD Mesa.  This would be the last home game for sophomores Terrence Cole, Garrett Larch-Miller, Manny Hernandez & Jeff Bartley.  In the first 5 minutes, the Coyotes jumped out to a 14-6 lead behind Shane Dillon (15 pts & 9 rebs) and Tim Pace (7 pts & 6 rebs).  After Jeff Bartley (17 pts) made two free throws, Cuyamaca led 43-31 at halftime.  The Coyotes made a season high six 3 point shots in the first half.  Unlike the last four games, the Coyotes continued to play solid team defense in the second half and stretched their lead to double digits.  SD Mesa cut the lead to eight points (65-57) with 7 minutes to play.  A backdoor layup by Terrence Cole (23 pts) snapped the drought for the Coyotes.  Manny Hernandez (8 pts & 10 rebs) and Dillon secured the rebounds down the stretch as the Coyotes stretched their lead to 20 points by shooting 84% from the free throw line.  Coyotes finish off their home schedule with an impressive 86-66 win.
2/7/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (2-2) had a home game against PCAC South Division leader San Diego City College (4-0).  This game would be pivotal if the Coyotes had any chance of winning their division.  In the first half, the Coyotes controlled the tempo and played solid defense despite not shooting well from the floor.  After SD City hit a late 3 point shot, the Coyotes trailed only 27-32 behind a balanced attack where eight of the Coyotes nine players scored.  In the second half, SD City pressed the Coyotes who not only turned the ball over but shot quick shots to speed up the tempo.  SD City began making 3 point shots (13 for the game, 10 in the second half).  The Coyotes stopped playing defense and stopped sharing the ball.  Coyotes get blown out 66-93.
2/5/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes hosted Grossmont in front of a packed gym.  Cuyamaca played excellent defense in the first half and took a 31-24 lead with 2 minutes to play in the first half behind Terrence Cole (17 pts), Tim Pace (10 pts) and Garrett Larch-Miller (13 pts).  However, Grossmont made a late run that included a last second 3 point shot to cut the Coyote lead to 35-32.  In the second half, the Coyotes defense gave Grossmont easy shots and the Coyotes went cold from the floor to allow Grossmont to take a 41-48 lead.  The Coyotes tied the game at 58 behind the hot hand of Jeff Bartley (10 pts) and Cole.  The Coyotes then allowed the same Grossmont player to hit back to back three point shots.  The Coyotes pressed and cut the lead to 65-66.  Unfortunately for the Coyotes, they could not score on their last three possessions and lost 65-70.
1/31/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes traveled to the 3rd ranked team in the state, Mt. San Jacinto, with the hope of pulling off an upset.  The Coyotes went toe to toe with Mt. San Jacinto and trailed only 6-10 at the halfway mark of the first half.  By boxing out and rebounding, the Coyotes limited Mt. San Jax to only 3 offensive rebounds in the first half.  When Terrence Cole (8 pts & 3 assists) made a three point shot at the halftime buzzer, the Coyotes only trailed 24-28.  The Coyotes continued to play solid defense and keep the Mt. San Jacinto crowd quiet.  Within 5 minutes of halftime, the Coyotes took a 37-32 lead behind Jeff Bartley (16 pts & 5 rebs).  Mt. San Jax went on a 18-5 run by hurting the Coyotes on the offensive boards (13 second half offensive rebounds).  As the Coyotes fell behind, the difference in the fouls began to increase with the Coyotes at one point having 14 fouls to Mt. San Jax's 2.  With 8 minutes to play, the Coyotes trailed 42-50.  They would need to make their outside shots to get back into the game.  Unfortunately, the Coyotes continued to struggle from the three point arc (4/20 20%) and allow the now energized crowd to get into their heads.  Coyotes lose 50-69.
1/29/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (2-2) traveled to Miramar to play them for a second time this season.  The Coyotes rocketed to a 25-10 lead behind the scoring of Manny Hernandez (11 pts & 11 rebs), Tim Pace (8 pts) and Garrett Larch-Miller (11 pts).  However, foul trouble to Shane Dillon (11 pts & 7 rebs) and Terrence Cole (11 pts) slowed the Coyotes who took only a 3-point lead into halftime.  In the 2nd half, Miramar started with a 15-2 run to take the lead.  The Coyotes cut the lead to 5 points with 4 minutes to play but could not rally due to their poor 3 point shooting (20%) and free throw shooting (57%). Coyotes lose 65-76.
1/24/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (2-2) hosted Palomar in a cross-over PCAC game.  These games do not effect the division race and are considered pre-conference games.  The Coyotes jumped out to a 15 point lead behind Shane Dillon (24 pts & 10 rebs) and Jeff Bartley (9 pts) to start the game.  Palomar cut the lead to six at intermission.  In the second half, Palomar made a run to take a 42-43 lead over the Coyotes with 7 minutes to play.  Fortunately for Cuyamaca, the Coyotes began making shots and play tenacious defense.  Behind Terrence Cole (18 pts & 8 assists) and Garrett Larch-Miller (8pts & 4 assists), the Coyotes took the lead and stretched it to double digits.  Coyotes win 72-57.
1/21/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (1-2) hosted Imperial Valley in a pivotal PCAC South game.  IVC entered the game with a 2-1 record behind excellent guard play and three point shooting.  The Coyotes looked to improve on their poor rebounding performance which hurt them against Southwestern the previous Wednesday.  In the first half, the Coyotes rebounded and played excellent defense on their guards.  The Coyotes took a 31-23 lead into halftime behind the scoring of Manny Hernandez (12 pts).  In the second half, The Coyotes stretched their lead to eight points with 12 minutes to play behind a balanced offensive attack.  However, the Coyotes started missing shots and allowed IVC to score on drives to the basket and uncontested 3 point shots.  With 44 seconds to play IVC tied the game at 65 on a 3 point shot.  The Coyotes ran a play and got a good shot but missed.  IVC had the ball with 24 seconds to play.  The Coyotes decided to press IVC for only the third time of the game.  Garrett Larch-Miller (13 points) made an unbelievable steal and subsequent assist to a streaking Jeff Bartley (13 pts) to give the Coyotes a two point lead.  IVC would get one last chance to win the game when they drove the ball and kicked for a game winning three as the buzzer sounded.  Fortunately for the Coyotes, it was off line.  Cuyamaca wins a nail bitter 67-65.
1/15/14 Cuyamaca -- The Coyotes (1-1) hosted Southwestern in their second home game of the season (last home game was two months ago).  The Coyotes road the hot hand of Shane Dillon (14 pts & 9 rebs) to take a 29-27 lead into intermission.  The Coyotes stretched their lead to six points with six minutes to play behind Tim Pace (10 pts & 3 assists).  Southwestern continued to hammer the offensive boards (21 offensive rebounds for 21 points) and score in transition (17 points).  With the Coyotes trailing by a single point, Jeff Bartley (16 pts) made a backdoor layup on an inbounds play to give the Coyotes a 61-60 lead with 30 seconds to play.  The Coyotes fouled Southwestern and watched them make two free throws to take a 61-62 lead.  With 9 seconds left, Terrence Cole (11 pts & 5 assists) was fouled and made both of his free throws.  Southwestern pushed the ball and shot a contested lay-up.  Two Coyotes tried to tip the ball out of the key but unfortunately watched it ricochet off the rim into a Southwestern players hands.  The player made a 8 foot half hook shot to win the game with 1.8 seconds to play.  The Coyotes fall to 1-2 after a heart wrenching defeat.
1/10/14 San Diego Mesa -- The Coyotes (0-1) traveled to San Diego Mesa (0-1) to play their second game in the PCAC South Division.  With only six games remaining in divisional play, the loser of this game would be in a 0-2 hole with 25% of league play finished.  Mesa jumped out to a nine point lead by driving to the basket and playing a zone.  The Coyotes took good shots against the zone in the first half but could not find their shooting touch.  A late run by the Coyotes was fueled by their full court press and helped them tie the halftime score at 34.  In the second half, the Coyotes well balanced attack moved the ball and penetrated both Mesa's zone and man to man defenses.  The Coyotes had a season high six players score 7 or more points.  They were led by Terrence Cole (22 pts), Tim Pace (12 pts), Garrett Larch-Miller (12 pts), Shane Dillon (10 pts), Bilal Rahim (8 pts) & Jeff Bartley (7 pts).  The Coyotes were able to stretch their lead to double digits by holding Mesa scoreless for over four minutes.  Coyotes win 77-66.
1/8/14 San Diego City -- The Coyotes traveled to San Diego City College to begin PCAC play.  Unlike other seasons, the PCAC is now divided into two divisions - North & South - with each division getting an automatic playoff bid for the champion.  SD City had the best non-PCAC South division record (9-6) entering this game.  In the first half, the Coyotes could not stop City from making 3's (7/9 from 3pt 77% in the first half).  However, the Coyotes road the hot shooting hands of Shane Dillon (25 pts - 11 pts in the first half) and Terrence Cole (11 pts - all in the first half).  Even though the Coyotes trailed 37 - 42 at the half, the team felt confident.  After Garrett Larch-Miller (9 pts) made back to back 3 pointers, the Coyotes erased their half time deficit.  The Coyotes stretched their lead to four points with 16 minutes to play before they began turning the ball over again(21 turnovers for the game).  SD City stretched their lead to 12 points but Cuyamaca started getting stops and with 3 minutes to play, the Coyotes missed a lay-up that would have cut the lead to four points.  The Coyotes could not make shots down the stretch and lost 68-80.
12/29/13 Imperial Valley -- The Coyotes entered the Consolation Championship against fellow PCAC college Miramar trying to take third place for the fourth time in as many tournaments.  The Coyotes would need to shoot better against Miramar's sagging man to man defense to secure a win.  Early foul trouble to three Coyote starters allowed reserves Tim Pace (13 pts) and AJ Santa Cruz (5 pts) to keep the Coyotes close in first half trailing by a 29-32 score.  In the second half, the Coyotes took a 10 point lead behind Garrett Larch-Miller (13 pts) and a balanced attack.  However, the rest of the half saw the Coyotes allow open looks for Miramar's shooters (10 3-pointers for the game, 6 in the second half) while the Coyotes shot a dismal 18% from the field in the second half.  The Coyotes lose 58-63.
12/28/13 Imperial Valley -- The Coyotes played Desert in a survival game - the winner stays while the loser goes home.  The Coyotes were looking to avenge their defeat to Desert on Nov 13.  The Coyotes trailed at half 29-30 and had a tough time attacking Deserts 2-3 zone.  In the second half, the Coyotes were able to take the lead and stretch it to ten points behind Terrence Cole (25 pts & 8 rebs) and Shane Dillon (16 pts, 7 rebs & 4 assists).  However, Desert clawed back into the game and led by a single point with 5 minutes to play.  The Coyotes were able to make their free throws (29-34 85%) and secure a 69-65 win. 
12/27/13 Imperial Valley -- The Coyotes faced Glendale (Arizona) in the first round of the Imperial Valley Tournament.  The Coyotes were arriving after a short break for Christmas to play this scholarship program from Arizona.  The Coyotes jumped out to a 12-4 lead behind Shane Dillon (28 pts).  However, the Coyotes went cold from the floor (36% FG) and trailed 31-42 at the half.  Glendale's lead ballooned to 21 points but the Coyotes would make one final run to cut the lead to 7 points with less than two minutes to play.  The Coyotes had two chances to cut the lead but did not convert.  Coyotes lose 70-79.
12/21/13 Glendale -- The Coyotes
12/20/13 Glendale -- The Coyotes
12/18/13 Glendale -- The Coyotes
11/11/13 Santa Ana -- The Coyotes
11/23/13 Irvine Valley -- The Coyotes faced Long Beach (3-3) in the 3rd place game of the Irvine Valley Tournament.  The Coyotes looked to rebound after their poor performance against Cerritos.  Long Beach played a zone against the Coyotes for the entire first half.  This would be the first time the Coyotes faced a zone for an extended period of time this season.  Terrence Cole (15 pts & 4 assists) and AJ Santa Cruz (2 assists) found Shane Dillon (16 pts, 16 rebs & 4 assists) on two lob dunks during the half to help the Coyotes secure a 29-28 lead at halftime.  In the second half, Long Beach switched to a man defense.  The Coyotes played an excellent first 12 minutes by sharing the ball and running their offense to stretch their lead to a commanding 17 points behind Garrett Larch-Miler (17 pts) and Jeff Barley (16 pts).  However, the Coyotes got loose with the ball and started fouling the penetrating Long Beach players.  With one minute left, the Coyotes were desperately holding on to a five point lead.  On the next play the Coyotes inbounded the ball and in a stroke of luck lost the ball and watched the ball hit off a Coyote players foot and then bounce off a Long Beach players foot to go out of bounds.  The Coyotes then got the ball in and made their free throws down the stretch to win 71-63.  Shane Dillon made the All-Tournament team.
11/22/13 Irvine Valley -- The Coyotes faced Cerritos in the winners bracket.  Cerritos entered this game as one of the top five teams in Southern California.  The Coyotes would have to play the same help defense as they did against Santa Monica and execute their offense against an athletic team who play a pressure defense.  The Coyotes fell behind 0-9 to start the game and struggled to slow the Cerritos fast break (48 pts for the game).  Trailing by 24 points at half, the Coyotes would need to make a major run to begin the second half to get back into the game.  Unfortunately it was Cerritos who put on a 25-10 run to begin the second half.  The Coyotes lose 50-87.
11/21/13 Irvine Valley -- The Coyotes faced an undefeated Santa Monica (3-0) team in the first round of the Irvine Valley Tournament.  After two losses the previous week, the Coyotes focused their preparation on improving their help defense and sharing the basketball on offense.  Although the Coyotes trailed 21-32 at half, their defense slowed Santa Monica's offense while on offense the Coyotes assisted on all eight first half field goals.  In the second half, the Coyotes clawed their way back into the game behind Jeff Bartley (16 pts & 6 rebs) and executing their offense.  Shane Dillon (10 pts) found Aaron Heuslein (6 pts) at the top of the key to tie the game with a three pointer.  After Santa Monica hit a three, Garrett Larch-Miller (12 pts & 3 assists) made another three point shot to tie the game. Dominique Watkins (4 pts & 3 assists) had a crucial "and one" to give the Coyotes a three point lead.  Then Jeff Bartley made a big basket and when Terrence Cole (6 pts, 8 rebs & 4 assists) drained a three pointer with 30 seconds left the Coyotes secured the win.  Coyotes win 70-66.
11/15/13 Cuyamaca --
11/13/13 College of the Desert -- The Coyotes traveled 3 hours to play in Palm Desert against the College of the Desert.  The Coyotes jumped to a 5-0 lead behind Shane Dillon (14 pts).  However, the Coyotes defense was sluggish and could not stop COD's fast break (28 pts) and driving attack (12 pts).  Trailing 37-47 at halftime, the Coyotes were able to cut the deficit to five points with seven minutes to play. COD hit back to back 3 point shots to stretch their lead to double digits.  The Coyotes pressed and fouled to try to mount a comeback but COD made their free throws to give the Coyotes a 79-98 loss.  The Coyotes were led by Terrence Cole (13 pts & 5 assists), Garrett Larch-Miller (13 pts & 4 assists), Tim Pace (9 pts), Bilal Rahim (7 pts & 4 blocks), Manny Hernandez (10 pts), Tyrone Huiett (9 rebs) and Aaron Heuslein (4 assists). 
11/9/13 College of the Canyons -- The Coyotes looked to bounce back from their poor first game performance against an athletic East LA team in the Consolation Championship of the Canyons Tournament.  The game started at 11am and although the Coyotes appeared mentally ready, their shooting was still asleep.  The Coyotes trailed 5-20 to start the game.  After a timeout, the Coyotes began to make shots and stifle East LA with their zone defense.  At the half, the Coyotes only trailed 32-35 despite 19 turnovers.  The Coyotes competed with East LA and matched them in the rebounding total (38).  However, while the Coyotes shot 44% from the field, their defense held East LA to 26% shooting.  Trailing by 3 points with 8 minutes to play, Terrence Cole (13 pts, 6 rebs, 4 assists & 4 steals) made an "and one" to tie the score.  On the next possession, Shane Dillon's (11 pts, 6 rebs & 5 blocks) driving layup put the Coyotes up by two.  With Bilal Rahim (5 rebs & 2 blocks), Manny Hernandez (8 pts) and Tyrone Huiett (4 rebs) playing excellent zone defense, the Coyotes stopped East LA's from scoring. After Garrett Larch-Miller (18 pts & 4 steals) found Aaron Heuslein on a fast break layup with 3 minutes to play, the Coyotes led by 6 points and pulled away down the stretch to secure a 70-60 victory.
11/8/13 College of the Canyons -- The Coyotes began the 2013-14 season playing in the College of Canyons "Clash of the Canyons" Tournament against host Canyons.  With only two returning players from last season's team, the 10 new Coyotes would be representing Cuyamaca College for the first time.  In the first half, the Coyotes displayed obvious first game nerves and allowed 8 points on offensive rebounds, 6 points on out of bounds plays and committed 12 turnovers.  Although trailing 26-34 at the half, the Coyotes matched Canyons intensity and played together in the first half.  However, in the beginning of the second half the Coyotes lost their focus, intensity and team first attitude. They trailed by 20 points at the 15 minute mark.  Even though the Coyotes cut the lead to 13 points with 8 minutes to play, the Coyotes could not stop their cold shooting (FG 31%) and a 50-72 loss.  The Coyotes were led by Tim Pace (12 pts & 6 rebs).