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Geography 120: Course Description
Weekend College 2005

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     Our Earth is dynamic in all of its many facets and it is those aspects, the "spheres" that comprise our planet, that will be studied.  Because our Earth is a series of systems that influence one another, you will learn to recognize the effects of one upon one or more of the others.

      Some of the sub-disciplines within the field about which you will learn include cartography, meteorology, climatology, biology, geology, and soil science.  We will discuss, among others, fluvial, erosional, glacial and mass movement processes.  You will learn not only of terrestrial landforms, but oceanic landforms as well.  Too, because of our proximity to, and the importance of, our coastal environment, I will give special attention to not only the development of coastal processes, but also of coastal biogeography.  Material in the text will be supplemented by lectures, videos, maps, handouts, hands-on materials and slides. 

        Every time one steps outdoors one encounters physical geography.  Whether going to and from school, taking a vacation, answering a child's question ("Why is the sky blue?") or simply earning the desired grade in this course, this will be a learning adventure that will not only last you a lifetime, no matter what career objectives you pursue, but which you will be able to share with others along the way.


Updated: January 22, 2014