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Geography 120: Exams & Extra Credit
Weekend College 2005

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Quiz/Exam Chapters Covered Dates, 2005
1  1 - 4
Sept. 10
2   5 - 7  Sept. 17
Midterm 1-7 9,+ 13-16 Sept. 24
3 8,10, 11 & 17 Oct. 01
4 12 * 18 - 20 Oct. 15
Final exam: All material since midterm. Oct. 15


       There will be 4 quizzes, each worth 50 points.  However, I will drop the lowest of the 4 scores and only 3 quiz grades will be computed toward your final score.  This will be in lieu of make-up quizzes. 

        There will also be midterm and  final exams, each of which will be worth 200 points.  There will be no makeup exams.

       Each quiz & exam will cover a specific amount of material as detailed above.

Make-up Exams

      There are no make-up exams.  Instead, I will drop the lowest score of the 4 tests given. Both the midterm and the final must be taken in order to pass this course.

Extra credit

       Extra credit gives the student the opportunity to gain a few extra points which may boost the student’s grade to the next higher level if he/she is close to the grade boundary. Extra credit is NOT a substitute for an exam. If you do not score well on an exam, please do not come to me and ask it there is any extra credit that you can do to make up for the poor exam grade....there is not.

       Ways in which to generate extra credit (up to14 points may be earned):

  • Class participation is greatly encouraged and duly noted by the instructor and will positively influence one’s grade.
  • Either share with the class, or hand-in on paper, that which is physically geographic in nature that you have currently read about in a magazine, newspaper or on the Internet. Be sure to have a copy of the article/announcement to turn in. (1 pt/article)
  • Students may also earn extra credit by reviewing Geography Resources sites (  : (1 pt/review)
  •                                                                   Give short review/s of site/s listed on the Geography                                                                     Resources, site to include:

  • Title and URL of site you have chosen
  • Brief overview (in your own words) of material contained within the site (do not paraphrase the overview written about the site in Geography Resources)
  • How it is useful to the study of geography
  • How you would rank the site from 1 to 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

    Updated: December 19, 2013