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Geography 120: Student Responsibilities
Weekend College 2005

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Student Responsibilities
The student is responsible for the following:

Purchasing, the first day of class:

Required Textbook: Physical Geography: A Landscape McKnight & Hess; Prentice-Hall, 2005; 8th edition.

Recommended Atlas: Goode’s World Atlas, Hudson and Espenshade, editors; Rand McNally, 2000, Twentieth edition.

  • Attending the scheduled meetings at Cuyamaca College at the appointed time, unless otherwise notified.
  • Reading the assigned material prior to its being discussed in class.
  • Purchasing at least the requisite number (6) of Scantron forms (882-ES).
  • Taking the exams on the scheduled days.
  • Staying for the entire period of the class
    • Being respectful of both the instructor and one’s peers:
                Men, please remove your hats while in class.

                No swearing or use of  vulgarities.
                No talking while someone else is speaking.
                No cell-phone usage or messaging in class.
      Turn your cell phones off or to "silent" mode during class.
  • Us e the following web-sites as assigned or as necessary:

  • If, due to personal circumstances  you are unable to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities of this course, it would be in your best interest to defer taking this class until full participation can be made.



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