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Ocea-112: Course Description

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Ocea - 112
(Formerly Sci-112)
Prerequisite: none
Co-requisite: none
Recommended preparation: none
3 hours lecture; 3 units
This course is not open to students with credit in SCI-112.

The course, INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY, focuses on the marine environment as a unique feature of the planet Earth and investigates areas of intense scientific and public concern...the pervasiveness of the ocean and its effect on the Earth's weather; the stunning physical size and diversity of contained life forms; contributions to the physical and historical development of humans; the impact upon geo-political and economic matters; the impact of oceanic pollutants, and the potential exploitation of marine resources.

This class is a blended, face-to-face (in class) course with online elements. You will be utilizing WebCT for the online component (you will not, however, be able to access WebCT, even if  you have registered for this class, until June 14th [summer session; August 25 for fall session])  I will tell you how to proceed with that aspect of the course, during our first meeting, June 12 [and August 22, for fall course] 2006.

Please go to the FAQ's page for answers to your questions about this class.

Updated: May 26, 2006