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Spring 2006
Hospital Pt. Overview

Summer 2005

Birch Aquarium: July 13, 0900

Philip, Travis, Kelsey & Rose

Pacific barracuda & leopard shark


Hana, Philip & Rose  Photo: Courtesy of Kim Foster

"The Art of Deception"

Keyhole limpet


Tide-pool Trip: June 22, 0330

My dedicated students at 0330, Hospital Point, L.J.

Southern sea palm & Surf grass

Warty sea cucumber

Intrepid students of Ocea-112!

Ochre sea star in crevice

Spiny lobster

Barnacle, limpets and chiton

Sea Hare

Looking down from top of staircase

Naturally occurring tar

Just north of our site: Children's Pool

Opportunistic feeders

Summer, 2003

Ocean Institute, Dana Pt., California

Pre-trip talk at dockside

Identifying marine mammals

Plankton ID

Measuring wind speed


Water chemistry station

So many birds = so much guano & so malodorous!

Discussing chemistry results

bandsons.gif (31389 bytes)

Mrs. B. and Her Boys....Then (1997).......

.....a few years later (2003)..............and...... (2005)



3.gif (92702 bytes)
Students boarding the R/V Sea Explorer

4.gif (45276 bytes)
Measuring water clarity with a secchi disk

Fish Identification

6.gif (70599 bytes)
Citharichthys xanthostigma (Longfin sanddab)

7.gif (53097 bytes)
Measuring wind speed & direction

9.gif (49094 bytes)
Collecting a water sample

10.gif (54236 bytes)
Determining water chemistry

**Click here to view Tidepooling Trip photos**

Updated: July 01, 2013


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