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Barbara Batterson-Rossi

Ocea-112: Your Instructor

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Welcome Students of Oceanography!

     Along with a life-long involvement in the marine realm, I have conducted research in the rocky littoral zone studying habitat partitioning among polyplacophorans (chitons).  I have also served aboard one of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography research vessels during a seamount survey off the coast of California.
     An avid SCUBA diver for 20 years, I have acted as team leader and coordinator for a university underwater marine biology course.  While pursuing my career as an associate lecturer of Oceanography, Physical and Cultural Geography, Ecology and Environmental Science, I have also assisted in an on-going study to determine the environmental impact of humans within the rocky inter-tidal.
     I have such a special fondness for marine studies that even when instructing a different course, I draw upon my interests, education and the sheer relevance of oceanographic matters to bring to the students an awareness of this fascinating and integrating discipline.
     When not teaching college students, I have educated, full-time, our sons at home from second to eighth grade.  Education is important and learning is exciting.  I sincerely hope that you too, will find this course to be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience as we delve into the historical and contemporaneous components of oceanographic study.
     Welcome Aboard!

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Mrs. B. with her budding scientists.
Then (1997) ..... in...

..... 2003 .....and......

Now. (2005) to engineering school!

Updated: December 29, 2006