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Student Responsibilities

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Student Responsibilities

The student is responsible for the following:

Purchasing, by the first day of class:
- Oceanography, An Invitation to Marine Science, Tom Garrison, 3rd
  edtn.,Wadsworth, 1999.
- Telecourse Student Handbook, B. Batterson-Rossi; 10 edtn., 200 1.
- Study Guide: Oceanus by Lebow and Garrison; 8th edtn., 1999  

- Attending the five scheduled meetings at Cuyamaca College at the appointed time.

- Attending the scheduled field trip.

- Viewing the 30 Oceanus video-tapes.

- Reviewing Study Guide Questions for each broadcast.

- Completing the Quizzes, by the due dates as specified in the handbook. Late work will not be accepted.

- Taking the midterm and final examinations, as scheduled in the course calendar.

Use the following websites as necessary: and

If, due to personal circumstances, you are unable to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities of this course, it would be in your best interest to defer taking this class until full participation can be made. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN AND NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Updated: December 04, 2013

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