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Business Office Technology - Lab Rules



Flex Lab Rules

The flex lab is a classroom environment. Please observe the following rules so that every student working independently may concentrate and complete their assignments:

It is expected that each student demonstrate professional, office-like behavior.
Cheating or copying another student's work is a very serious offense and could result in an "F" grade.
No cracking of gum.
No visitors or children are allowed.
No food or drinks are allowed at work stations. Please leave them at the door.
Please log out of the Red Canyon attendance tracking software when you leave the room for a break longer than 5 minutes.
Set all pagers and cell phones to vibrate or silent mode. If you do not have this option, please turn off the phones prior to entering the lab.
No loud talking.
Use of profanity will not be tolerated.
Any computer left unattended for more than 15 minutes could result in your workstation being restarted and given to another student.
We are not responsible for any personal items left at your work station.
No ICQ, AOL or any other on-line chats are allowed at any time.
No game playing at any time. Computers are to be used for BOT assignments only.
Viewing of pornography is prohibited!
Please do not load any programs on the lab computers. This includes downloading software from the Internet. Software that does not belong to Cuyamaca College is not allowed and in some cases are in violation of copyright law.
Everyone must purchase their own textbook. No sharing with another student.
The flex lab cannot loan textbooks to students for any reason.
See FAQ's for related information.









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