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Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Entrepreneurship- Small Business Management by completing the 23-25 required units.

An Associate of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship- Small Business Management is awarded when students have completed the General Education Requirements plus the 23-25 units of required classes.


Business & Professional Studies

Contact the Counseling & Personal Development department to assure that you take the most efficient sequence of classes.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP- Small Business Management

This degree program provides a course of study for students who are interested in working toward an associate degree or certificate while developing an appreciation and understanding of the functional areas within the small business environment. The degree provides a working knowledge of small business operations to both the prospective business person as well as the owner/manager of an existing business, and is co-sponsored by the Small Business Administration. 

Review the Cuyamaca catalog class descriptions and the Degrees/Certificates PDFs for additional details.

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Associate in Science degree requirements
Course Name Units
BUS 110 Introduction To Business 3
BUS 111 Entrepreneurship:
Starting And Developing A Business
BUS 125 Business Law: Legal Environment Of Business 3
BUS 128 Business Communication 3
Choose 1 of the following 2:
Course Name Units
BUS 109 Elementary Accounting 3
BUS 120 Financial Accounting 4
Choose 2 of the following 6:
Course Name Units
BUS 112 Entrepreneurship: Successful Marketing 3
BUS 141 Entrepreneurship: Managing A New Business 3
BUS 146 Marketing 3
BUS 156 Principles Of Management 3
BUS 176 Computerized Accounting Applications 2
CIS 212 Introduction to Web Development 2
Select at least 3 units from the following:
Course Name Units
BOT 100 Basic Keyboarding 1
BOT 101AB Keyboarding/Document Processing 1.5
BOT 102AB Intermediate Keyboarding/ Document Processing I-II 3
BOT 114 Essential Word 1
BOT 115 Essential Excel 1
BOT 116 Essential Access 1
BOT 117 Essential PowerPoint 1
CIS 105 Introduction to Computing 3
CIS 110 Principles of Information Systems 4
  TOTAL: 23-25  units

Certificate of Achievement

Students who complete the major requirements above, but not the general education requirements, qualify for a Certificate of Achievement in Entrepreneurship- Small Business Management.

An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline found in the Academic Calendar.

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General Education Requirements

To earn your AA or AS degree, or to move on to higher education, you must also complete the General Education Requirements.  Because there are occasional updates, check with a counselor for the most current information.

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