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CADD drawings
Portrait of department coordinator Dr. Saghafi

Dr. Cyrus Saghafi

Program Coordinator*

Contact for Department:
phone: (619) 660-4243


Dr. Cyrus Saghafi*

John Butcher

Ed Hendle

Mehrdad Pakandam

Karen Sumek

Jaime Taynor

Thomas Walsh


The CADD faculty and staff bring years of experience both academically and from industry, including Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Design, and Civil Engineering. All members of the CADD faculty have worked in their fields of expertise from 15-35 years bringing their knowledge and wisdom to the classroom. They are dedicated to help prepare the students for entering the real world workforce. The classes consist of lectures, lab time, and one-on-one attention.

CADD Technology

Someone designed everything you use today. Drafters are an integral part of that process.

Graduates from our two-year Associate of Applied Science program in
CADD Drafting
or Mechanical Engineering Technology find employment in a wide variety of drafting and design disciplines.

Our programs provide you with a foundation for a CADD career. You will learn skills needed to advance into a broad range of related occupations such as engineering, architecture, civil or structural design, 3D design/solid modeling, and schematics for electrical or fluid power systems. 

Successful graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills that meet industry standards in the use of
    CADD technologies
  • Develop professional presentations for a variety of purposes
    and audiences
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Display a portfolio of professional quality products
  • Demonstrate academic skills required of all Cuyamaca graduates including competency in writing, information literacy, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning

You will develop foundational skills in blueprint reading and architectural drafting, along with specialized skills in computer-aided design, including three-dimensional drafting.

The program is designed to prepare skilled drafting technicians for entry-level positions in a variety of career fields.


Career Technical Education

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