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Dr. Cyrus Saghafi

Phone: (619) 660-4243

Student Comments

 Cuyamaca College has enabled me to meet my educational goals in computer information technology. While the program has been a challenge, the dedicated and supportive instructors and staff have assisted and guided me throughout the process. I have gained far more than simply a certificate; I now have the knowledge and confidence to head into the workforce knowing that I can compete at the industry’s highest level. Thank you Cuyamaca and especially to Dr. Cyrus Saghafi who trusted me enough to tutor his students.

> Terry Millan

CADD Technology

CLASS Descriptions

The CADD Technology program acquires the latest technology in hardware and software to deliver the lecture and lab at the highest quality. Software such as AutoCADD, SolidWorks, Revit, and Pro./E are among those being used in the department. As a result, the students will be prepared to face the toughest challenges in the workforce or in pursuing their education at various universities.

Review the catalog class descriptions PDF for additional details.

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Class Descriptions
Course Name Units
CADD 115 Engineering Graphics 3
CADD 120 Intro To Computer-aided Drafting & Design 3
CADD 125 3d Solid Modeling 3
CADD 126 Electronic Drafting 3
CADD 127 Survey Drafting Technology 3
CADD 128 Dimensioning And Tolerancing 3
CADD 131 Architectural Computer-aided Drafting And Design 3
CADD 132 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting And Design 3
CADD 133 Advanced Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting & Design 3
CADD 199 Special Studies Or Projects In CADD Technology 1-3
CADD 298 Selected Topics In CADD Technology 1-3
CADD 299 Selected Topics In CADD Technology 1-3
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