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Dr. Cyrus Saghafi

Phone: (619) 660-4243

Student Comments

Tamara Wolfe

I am thoroughly enjoying my CADD 115 Drafting Engineering course. It is just the first in a series I anticipate taking at Cuyamaca College. My instructor, Dr. Cyrus Saghafi, leads his class with skill, while revealing a friendly and jovial, but serious atmosphere. He invests himself personally in his students’ comprehension of the CADD program. I hope that my skills learned in CADD will enhance my employment, job or career outlook and will enable me to earn extra income now and in the future.

- Tamara Wolfe



SolidWorks Users support

SolidWorks 3d Design Tips

AutoCAD Exchange

Pilot 3D software

Articulated Classes

Get credit at Cal State Long Beach for classes you take here.

There is an agreement with Cal State Long Beach to accept these classes:

Cuyamaca: CADD 120 Introduction to Computer-aided drafting and Design 3
CSU LB: DESN 150 Design Drafting 3


Cuyamaca: CADD 125 3D Solid Modeling (Same as Engr 125) 3
CSU LB: DESN 156 3D Computer-aided Design 3


Cuyamaca: CADD 125 3D Solid Modeling (Same as Engr 125) 3
CSU LB: E T 170 Engineering and Drafting Design 3


For articulation arrangement contact Dr Cyrus Saghafi.
Phone: (619) 660-4243



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