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Administration for Cuyamaca College

Title Name College Phone Email Address
President Mark Zacovic 619-660-4221
Administrative Assistant Gwen Nix 619-660-4222
VP, Instruction (Interim) Danene Brown 619-660-4225
VP, Student Development & Services (Interim) Teresa McNeil 619-660-4300
VP, Administrative Services Arleen Satele 619-660-4654
Executive Dean, Institutional Advancement Vacant 619-660-4479  
Dean, Counseling & Enrollment Services Marsha Gable 619-660-4302
Dean of Instruction, Continuing Education & Workforce Training Jennifer Lewis 619-660-4672
Acting Dean of Instruction, Division II Pat Setzer 619-660-4674
Dean of Instruction, Division I (Interim) Scott Herrin 619-660-4453
Dean, Learning & Technology Resources Connie Elder 619-660-4401
Associate Dean, Special Funded Programs TBA 619-660-4215  
Associate Dean, Student Affairs Lauren Weiner 619-660-4295
Associate Dean, EOPS/CARE Wendy Craig 619-660-4209
Associate Dean, Athletics Scott Herrin 619-660-4505
Campus Bookstore Manger Michael Gilchrist 619-644-7664
President, Academic Senate Alicia Munoz 619-660-4511
Classified Senate, VP Avelina Mitchell 619-660-4270
President, Associated Students Ariel Satele 619-660-4274




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