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Assisting Our Students - Fall, 2014

As we all meet students who become disenfranchised due to the difficulty in finding open seats in classes; please make use of the following strategies, in addition to whatever current methods you are using, in order to help students:. 

So, in addition to whatever strategies you are currently employing, please make use of the following strategies as well in order to help us speak with a relatively single voice to our students: 

  1. Encourage students to register in appropriate classes based on their educational goals. This will help improve their priority registration status in future terms. 

However, please discourage students from registering in classes that are clearly inappropriate for their levels of preparation and ability and that expose them to high risk of academic failure. 

  1. Identify appropriate general interest classes that can accommodate students of varying abilities and that still have open seats available. 

PDC CLASSES are especially appropriate for new students and others.  Please see the attached list of PDC classes that remain open to registering students.] 

  1. Recommend the new certificates (and the classes associated with them) that Continuing Education/Workforce Training has developed or is developing from grants recently awarded to the college. 

[Green Initiatives certificate programs are/will be available and useful for our students.  Please see the attached GREEN INITIATIVES fact sheet.  Refer interested students to the personnel listed for each of the Initiatives.] 

  1. Assure that students who need assistance are aware of the special Office Hours that will be in effect for A&R, Financial Aid, CalWORKS, etc. during the remainder of this week and through next week.

[Please see attached OFFICE HOURS,]

  1. Inform students about registration dates for Spring Semester 2015.

[Registration for Spring & Winter Intersession 2015 will begin approximately November 17, 2014.] 

  1. Be aware of our institutional policies and procedures which explain how to deal with disruptive students.

[Please see attached memo on STUDENT DISCIPLINE from the Associate Dean for Student Life.] 

  1. Feel free to distribute to students the contact information for San Diego legislators, so that students can express their concern to their elected representatives.

[Please see attached list of contact information for SAN DIEGO LEGISLATORS.] 

  1. FACULTY: As always, use your best effective teaching judgments in allowing additional students to enroll in your classes, but please be careful not to exceed posted fire/safety maximums for your rooms.

PLEASE HELP: In order to help us prepare for future registration periods, please catalogue the strategies which appear to work best for you as you assist students this week and next. Please submit those strategies to me in the near future, so I can develop a list of best practices for our coming terms. 

Thanks, everyone. Together we can assure that students receive the best treatment possible in these times of somewhat restricted opportunities.