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About Cuyamaca College

Vision, Mission, and Values
Vision: Learning for the Future

Mission:  The mission of Cuyamaca College is to serve a diverse community of students who seek to benefit from the college's wide range of educational programs and services.
In order to fulfill its commitment to student learning, the college provides:
  • Instructional programs that meet student needs for transfer education, career technical education, general education and basic skills courses

  • Community education programs and services

  • Programs that promote economic, civic and cultural development

To facilitate this mission, Cuyamaca College provides a comprehensive range of support services including: outreach and access initiatives, academic and learning resources, student development programs, and multicultural and co-curricular activities.

In support of its mission, Cuyamaca College structures its planning processes and engages the college community by pursuing the following areas of focus, which form the foundation of the 2010-2016 Strategic Plan:
  • Student Access
  • Learning and Student Success
  • Value and Support of Employees
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Fiscal and Physical Resources
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