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Associate in Science Degrees with an emphasis in Telecommunications Networking Technology are awarded when students have completed:

33 units of Department CIS Core Requirements.

• A minimum of 3 units of CIS Department Electives.

Total:  36-37 units of CIS Department classes plus the general education requirements.


Computer & Information Science

DEGREE Requirements


Students who wish to enroll in specific Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, PowerPoint) should refer to Business Office Technology.

Review the Cuyamaca catalog class descriptions and the Degrees/Certificates PDFs for additional details.

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This Associate of Science degree program prepares students with the technical and management skills necessary to enter careers in design, application, installation, management, operation and/or maintenance of computer and telecommunications networking systems including convergent voice, data and video communications over IP networks.

Graduates will have specific strengths in the building, testing, operation and maintenance of computer and telecommunications networking systems.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe and demonstrate the ability to install, configure, upgrade, diagnose and troubleshoot personal computer, networking, and telecommunications hardware and system software.
  • Describe and design a copper, optical fiber, and wireless telecommunications infrastructure in accordance with industry standards.
  • Install, test, certify, secure and troubleshoot a copper, optical fiber, and wireless telecommunications infrastructure by constructing a system in accordance with industry standards.
  • Plan and design an Ethernet and TCP/IP network, including switches and routers in a multiprotocol internetwork using LAN and WAN interfaces, networking mathematics, and terminology.
  • Using appropriate written and oral communication skills, function as a member of a tem to analyze, compose, and present a response to a Request for Proposal including both technical and cost components.
Associate in Science Degree Requirements
Course Name Units
CIS 120 Computer Maintenance And A+ Certification 3
CIS 121 Network Cabling Systems 3
CIS 161 Fundamentals Of Telecommunications 3
CIS 162 Technical Diagramming Using Microsoft Visio 2
CIS 190 OR Windows Operating System 3
CIS 191 Linux Operating System 3
CIS 201 Cisco Networking Academy i Exploration 3
CIS 202 OR Cisco Networking Academy II 3
CIS 125 Network+ Certification 3
CIS 261 Convergent/Unified Technologies and Degree Capstone 3
CIS 262 Wireless Networking 3
CIS 263 Fundamentals Of Network Security 3
ET 110 Introduction to Basic Electronics 4
Select ONE of the following three:
Course Name Units
CS 119 Program Design And Development 3
CS 180 Introduction To Visual Basic Programming (ABCD) 4
CS 182 Introduction To Java Programming 4

Students who complete the courses required for this major qualify for a Certificate of Achievement in Telecommunications Networking Technology.

For a Certificate of Specialization in Telecommunications Servicing Technology  see CIS Certificates.


Chart of Equivalent Classes at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges for the Computer Information Sciences Departments.


General Education Requirements

To earn your AA or AS degree, or to move on to higher education, you must also complete the General Education Requirements.  Because there are occasional updates, check with a counselor for the most current information.



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