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Nicole Jones
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R. Carino Dickno

• M. Garcia

Greg Gomez

Jorge Guerrero

Jesus Miranda

Cindy Morrin

• R. Pangariban



Counseling Courses


Program Information

Students who complete a counseling course are more successful in their college education, career and life!

  • Get a head start on units for college graduation
  • Choose or confirm a major and career
  • Set goals and create an educational and career plan
  • Learn valuable college study skills such as test taking, note taking and memory techniques to be successful

Counseling Courses

General Education Requirements

To earn your AA or AS degree, or to move on to higher education, you must also complete the General Education Requirements.  Because there are occasional updates, check with a counselor for the most current information.

Continuing Education

Consider taking some classes just to explore the possibilities through Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Continuing Education.


More Information

For information on counseling courses contact the
Counseling Department: (619) 660-4429.

To enroll follow the steps to get started.



Revised  October 14, 2014
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