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Educational Planning is important for all students who plan to complete a Certificate of Achievement, Associate degree, or transfer to a university. 

You are invited to attend an Advising Session for additional planning with a counselor. Sign up on WebAdvisor.

1. Access your English and Math Assessment/Placement Results on WebAdvisor.

2. College Catalog - Available free online

Refer to the College Catalog for Associate Degree General Education, major, and Graduation requirements. 

3. Choose one of the following general education patterns that matches your goal.  If you are undecided about where you will transfer, choose the IGETC pattern.

Visit the ASSIST web site to find specific major preparation course requirements for transfer.  Note: is intended to assist students who plan to transfer to any UC or CSU from a California Community College.

4. Class Schedule

  • Refer to the Class Schedule and WebAdvisor to search and register for classes.
  • Classes are offered in a "block" format--Monday/Wednesday; Tuesday/Thursday; and Friday only classes.
  • Online, short term and Saturday classes are given special attention in the Class Schedule pages.
  • The Semester Calendar includes important dates such as refund, add and withdraw deadlines.

5. Sample First Semester Education Plans According to English & Math Placement

English and Math Sequences Worksheet

Placement Result: English 090, 090R and Math 088

Placement Result: English 098, 098R and Math 090

Placement Result: English 109/110 and Math 103/110

Placement Result: English 120 and any Math 120 - 178

FastTrack Presentation, May 10, 2013 PPT

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