Veteran Advising

New Veteran Students:

  • A new Veteran student is a student who has NEVER completed any college level course work

  • Must first apply with the Veterans Administration and get approval for GI Bill benefits.  This will come in the form of an eligibility letter.  Got to

  • Are required to complete the English and math assessments for placement and attend an orientation and advising for Veterans.

  • Must submit an eligibility letter and DD214 to Debra Ayers in the Veterans Services Office located in the Admissions and Records Office (A & R).

  • Must notify Veterans Services in A & R of an Educational Goal by selecting a college major.

Continuing Veterans Students
A continuing Veterans student has:
  • Completed college level course work at Cuyamaca or another institution.
  • A current educational goal or major on file in the Veterans Services Office in A & R.
  • Transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities as well as any military transcripts on file in A & R.
  • Requested an evaluation of previous transcripts and prior military credit.
  • Completed the math and English assessment at Cuyamaca or another college.

It is the students responsibility to notify Debra Ayers of schedule changes and/or drop or Withdraw.  Failing to do this may impact benefits and result in a BAH repayment.

Semester Intent Form

Each semester, you must complete a veterans intent form.  This form will include the courses for which you have registered.  All courses must be part of your educational goal. Taking courses outside of your educational goal can delay or reduce benefits

Please use the appropriate green "Veteran Request for Major Change" form is you decide to change your major.

Do not make any schedule changes or drop classes after the beginning of the semester until you have spoken with Debra Ayers in the Veterans Services office in A & R.  Doing so may impact your benefits and could cause a repayment.

Any changes to your class schedule should be carefully considered and discussed with Veterans Services and a counselor.

  • The Certifying Official will tell you if and/or how the changes impact your payments.
  • A counselor will tell you if the course is appropriate for your educational goal.