AUTO 205- ASEP-Engine Performance And Air Conditioning

General Motors ASEP course to include a detailed study of electronic engine controls on modern automobiles. Emphasis on electronic engine control system theory of operation and repair to include discussion of sensors, processors and actuators, and system diagnosis and repair. On-board computer logic and strategies will be presented. Also covers all major topics dealing with automotive air conditioning including refrigeration theory, system evacuation and recovery, leak repair, compressor repair, component replacement, and manual and automatic temperature control. Preparation for ASE and GM certification. Complemented by required work experience in a dealership.
CSU- Transfers to the California State University system for at least elective credit.

Prerequisite: AUTO 200 or equivalent with a grade of "C" or better or "Pass"
Corequisite: None
Recommended Preparation: None
7 UNITS : 5 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory