CISCO Networking Academy VIII --TSHOOT is the seventh level of Cisco Networking Academy courses and one of four courses for the Cisco Certified Networking Professional designation. Students will learn how to monitor and maintain complex enterprise routed and switched IP networks. Skills learned are based on systematic and industry recognized approaches to plan and execute regular network maintenance including support and troubleshooting network problems using technology-based processes and best practices. Troubleshooting topics include: Processes for complex enterprise networks; tools and applications; campus switched solutions; routing solutions; addressing services; network performance issues; converged networks; network security implementations; and complex enterprise networks. This lab-intensive course provides hands-on learning and practice to reinforce troubleshooting skills using Cisco networking devices.

Prerequisite: "C" grade or higher or "Pass" in CIS-205, CIS-206 and CIS-207 or equivalent or successful completion of the current Cisco Networking Academy CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH courses at another Cisco Networking Academy or possess current CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH certifications.
Corequisite: None
Recommended Preparation: None
3 UNITS : 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory