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Computer Information Systems Faculty

I am trained as a microbiologist, and did research at UCSD Medical School, Division of Infectious Diseases.  While at UCSD, I had to develop a database using BASIC on a CPM based computer.  I went from UCSD to Cutter Biologicals to Synbiotics Corporation to ImmunoPharmaceutics to starting my own biotech company QED Bioscience Inc. 

For fun, I enjoy spending as much time with my family as possible, Photography, Backpacking, Hiking, Fishing, Gardening, Woodworking, Cooking, and anything else that captures my fancy.


Curtis Sharon
CIS Department


Fall 2013 Courses
    Office Hours by Appointment Only

CIS 201 Cisco Networking Academy 1
(Tuesday  5-10 pm (Lecture 6:30 pm) Room E-207)

CIS 140 Databases
(Wednesday 6-9 pm Room E-206)